Eleven Strands; Affordable French-Italian Cafe

A quaint little Eleven Strands cafe has took over the defunct Kombi Rock Diner. It’s much more crowded and bustling than before. In contrast to  Kombi Rock Diner, the interior of Eleven Strands is revitalized with clean and simple touches. Their menu includes their specialty – Pasta and additionally classic mains ranging from Pork Chops, … More Eleven Strands; Affordable French-Italian Cafe

Apollo Coffee Bar

Apollo Coffee Bar was a new addition to the same family of Atlas Coffeehouse (Bukit Timah), Lunar (OUE Downtown) and Columbus Coffee (Upper Thomson) in Serangoon Gardens. Conveniently located along the same stretch as Pow Sing Chicken Rice and the bus stop at the circle where everyone alights for Chomp Chomp or Prata, is thus … More Apollo Coffee Bar

Kombi Rocks

Kombi Rocks has always been on the “To go list if you’re driving” kind of articles, but in actual fact it’s not that inaccessible, it’s pretty much accessible from Serangoon Swimming Complex. One thing you will never miss from Kombi Rocks are their eye-catching signature retro and colourful Vee-Dubs that are lined up right infront … More Kombi Rocks


Joining the stretch of bars and eateries along Maju Avenue is none other than Plonk. Plonk has actually been around for good 2 years. With a laid back setting and some dim lightings, one is ready for some tapas and drinks for the night. Beside their printed menu, they do have a ‘Specials’ menu for … More Plonk

Little Fish Shop

Finally tried Little Fish Shop after so many years it has been in Nex! Tried most of the restaurants in Nex except for this! It’s one of the more ‘Atas’ restaurant which specializes in fish and seafood in nex. Their flagship store was Greenwood Fish Bistro & Market at Greenwood Avenue where they sell fresh … More Little Fish Shop

La Pizzaiola

Another cafe we hit on at Jalan Riang, La Pizzaiola. They serve pretty good italian food. Modernized decoration with rustic feel. Prices were definitely reasonable for the food served. Not the best but above average for the price! The name of the dishes are really fanciful. Later you’ll see what i mean by that. HAHA. … More La Pizzaiola

Wimbly Lu

After a full meal at Rokeby, we went next door to Wimbly Lu. People always say there’s always a separate stomach for desserts! I guess its pretty true too! Desserts heaven! Too many choices!   Awesome desserts! Root beer cake with ice cream ($6), chocolate creme brulee ($5), carrot cake ($6) Must try their root … More Wimbly Lu


I’ve this group of friends where we always go for makan trips around Singapore! We decided to try out this cafe at Jalan Riang, few shops down from Wimbly Lu! It was a good choice cause after that we can head to Wimbly Lu for desserts! They have extensive of choices from mains, brunch, starters, … More Rokeby