Guiga Korean BBQ restaurant; Highly raved Raw Marinated Crab & BBQ meats

There are loads of Korean BBQ restaurants around and there are also a few usuals which I usually frequent. They are safe choices which will not go wrong kind – Wang Dae Bak Restaurant, Hyang Yeon Korean Restaurant, Superstar K etc etc. But I wanted to try something different, and one of the names which … More Guiga Korean BBQ restaurant; Highly raved Raw Marinated Crab & BBQ meats

Nanta BBQ

Nanta BBQ has recently opened it’s door last december in Goldhill Centre. They have their menu filled with palatable traditional korean appetizers, mains, stews and bbq for sharing and add on a touch of cheese to their bbq ribs to create a modern fusion to the traditional delights. The very first thing that caught my … More Nanta BBQ

6 Must Eats in Johor

1. Restoran Kam Long Located at a convenient spot near City Square Mall Johor has attracted the stomach of many. With the use of fresh red snapper fish head as the main ingredient accompanied with¬†generous serving of cabbage, lady fingers, long beans and fried beancurd skin, cooked in a claypot over strong fire upon ordering … More 6 Must Eats in Johor

I’m Kim Korean BBQ

Decided to head down to I’m Kim Korean BBQ which is conveniently located at School of the Arts to celebrate our end of exams after hearing good reviews about it with it’s affordable prices! They have student price for their buffet, so we paid around $14-$15 for their lunch buffet after all the taxes and … More I’m Kim Korean BBQ