Fat Cow

Fat Cow is an opulent japanese inspired steakhouse which serves a handpicked selection of the finest Wagyu from reputable farms around the world. Customers can have their very own customized beef experiences over a variety of Japanese preparation methods – Shabu-Shabu, Sukiyaki, Hobayaki or Sumibiyaki. They have quite a comprehensive lunch and dinner menus with … More Fat Cow

Unagiya Ichinoji

Following the landing of Man Man Unagi in our tiny red dot, was the opening of another eel restaurant, Unagiya Ichinoji, by Miyagawa Honten one of Tokyo’s most well known unagi restaurants with 125 years of history. This 34-seater restaurant will serve mainly 3 varieties of eel – Hitsumabushi, Seiro Mushi and Mamushi Donburi. I’ve … More Unagiya Ichinoji


Located in a precarious location at the basement of Thomson Plaza, it could easily be missed if not for the snaking queue or the adorable sushiro bear stand. Limited seating available and they pride themselves by serving fresh sashimi, sashimi don or donburi at wallet friendly price. Simple sumptuous menu filled with mouth-watering sushi and … More Sushiro

The Sushi Bar

Contrary to the image, when the clock strikes 7pm, the snaking queue takes over to welcome you into their humble sushi bar! You will only get to see this side of The Sushi Bar before 7pm. If you do not wish to queue, it is highly advisable for you not to just make 1 week … More The Sushi Bar