Birds of Feather; for the numbing szechuan lovers

Birds of Feather an all day dining cafe, restaurant and bar serving szechuan influenced fusion food along Amoy Street has definitely caught my attention. Though the prices of their dishes may be on the steeper end but all of their dishes are well executed. I left the restaurant feeling impressed and satisfied.

We have gotten one of their snacks and signatures to share, Pig Ear Mosaic ($18) and Find the Chicken in the Chillis ($16). Unlike the usual find where Pig Ear is usually found in those chinese teochew style of stewed and braised, with a more sweet and savory flavor, the one by Birds of a Feather is in a form of salad, cold starter style. The Pig Ear was thinly sliced and doused in chilli oil, sesame oil topped with generous amount of sesame seeds and slices of cucumber. It has a nice crunchy and refreshing texture. The next we have gotten is their Find the Chicken in the Chillis, commonly known as the la zi ji. The chicken cubes were aromatic and well seasoned. Very cripsy and addictive at the same time.

Next we had their Szechuan Oxtail Soup ($26). A very nice comforting bowl of soup to warm your stomach. The broth was actually light but not lacking of flavors, a little peppery; the daikon was soft and sweet. The oxtail was pretty soft and it goes really well with the accompanying chilli condiments.

We were lucky to get Chef’s Off the menu Squid. It comes with a very thai-base kind of sauce, a little tangy, a little citrusy and it’s very refreshing. The squid is soft and chewy served with strips of konnyaku jelly alike. Very interesting yet complimenting combination.

Next off the table is this Sweating Mussels ($29) which is definitely one of my favorites. Let me tell you, the broth was amazingly good! It’s not the mala spicy kind but it’s the numbing with a kick. Served with some cabbage and chinese yam noodles. The chinese yam noodle has a very interesting texture, it’s like in between a ban mian and sweet potato noodle, with a nice chewiness to it. I think i could easily have this whole bowl myself!

Fret not if you can’t take spicy stuff, they do have some non-spicy westernized and fusion options such as Truffle Orecchiette Pasta ($35) & Hong Shao Short Ribs with Potato Noodles ($38). I like how their Truffle Orecchiette Pasta is so creamy and loaded full with the truffle flavor. It’s actually quite a good balance to the more szechuan-inspired dishes. While for the Hong Shao Short Ribs, i’m so impressed with the potato noodles, it has such a nice springy yet crispy texture to it and the short ribs were so tender and flavorful.

Last but not least we had Claypot Wagyu Rice with Foie Gras too. Look at that beautiful yolk, giving the rice the added richness, smoothness and creaminess. The wagyu were in generous thick cuts. Except for edges of the wagyu which were a little on the tougher end, the rest of the meat was actually soft and tender.

It is definitely a satisfying and very different dining experience with Birds of a Feather. I’m truly amazed by their creativity and creations. The fusion of flavors were done so well too. Definitely one of the restaurants which I don’t mind going back for again.

Birds of a Feather
115 Amoy St, #01-01, Singapore 069935

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