Waa Cow!; Superb quality chirashi & wagyu bowls

Located in Marina One, Waa Cow! aims to serve you the best and freshest tasting wagyu and sashimi don at affordable prices ranging from $19 – $25++.

We were there for their burpple beyond set but since there were 3 of us, we decided to get another 2 sides to share. We ordered all time favorite Truffle Fries ($12.90) and Chicken Karrage ($8.90). Look at the mountain of truffle fries that welcome us. Each of the fries were so crispy and perfumed with traces of truffle and savoriness from the grated parmesan cheese. Because it’s so crispy, it’s equally addictive too! Their Chicken Karrage is also praise-worthy. Chunky chicken thigh which is so juicy and tender, goes really well with the mentaiko mayo and truffle mayo. What’s missing here is just a can of beer!

Here comes the Burpple Beyond Set Menu for 2 at $50++. It includes 2 portions of Mentaiko Seared Scallops, 2 portions of Truffle Sukiyaki Don (but the person was rather nice, they allowed us to either get the same or we can go for their Mentaiko Salmon (choice of Medium rare or well done)) and comes with 2 drinks (either beer or soft drinks). Quite a good deal I would say actually.

I like how their proportion of rice to the ingredients is and their rice is so well seasoned with seaweed and furikake mix. The Truffle Sukiyaki Don has a little sweet savoriness to it and added creaminess from the perfectly done sous vide egg. While in contrast the Mentaiko Salmon despite being well done, it’s still moist and flaky with a nice umami flavor from the mentaiko sauce. Every bowl is so wholesome and flavorful with quality ingredients.

Do pop by Waa Cow! if you’re working near there or in the vicinity! Definitely won’t be disappointed!

Waa Cow!
5 Straits View, #01-09 Marina One The Heart West Tower, 018935

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