Herit8ge @ Changi Jewel; Giving asian flavors a twist

Herit8ge, under the Fresh Fruit Lab Group, is conceptualised with the idea of reminiscing the yesteryears while paying homage to local flavours. Expect a diverse array of familiar local cuisines reinvented with modern culinary techniques. Escape from the hustle and bustle of city life and get your dose of nostalgia by finding respite at the Herit8ge.

They have very interesting selection of sides for sharing, mains and both cocktails and mocktails with a chinese and local touch. For instance, their local inspired cocktails include Herit8ge’s Signature Gin Gao Cheng Teng or like Old School Favorite topped with generous amount of Milo Powder.

Unfortunately, we did not get any drinks. We went for their Beer-battered Otah Bites ($14), Peranakan Lamb Burger ($25) and Hainanese Cordon Bleu ($25).

Their Beer Battered Otah Bites was addictive. Thick slab of home-made otah where chunks of mackerel is visible. Then battered in sapporo beer batter before deep frying giving it’s light crispy exterior. There’s a nice little fiery kick to the otah too.

For the Peranakan Lamb Burger, grilled lamb doused in nonya rendang sauce topped with romaine lettue and served with shoe string fries and nonya achar. Surprisingly the lamb chunks were really tender and goes pretty well with the rendang sauce. A little sweet, a little nutty and a little spicy. The bun was soft and buttery. It’s definitely a board full of singaporean peranakan flavors.

On the other hand, the Hainanese Cordon Bleu ($25) was served in a sweet and sour sauce which I felt it is overly ketchup-y. The portion was also seemingly smaller for the price tag. But the breaded pork loin was done pretty well, still moist and tender. The cheese was still melty too. But generally the combination of flavors seems a little weird. The keropok also kind of soften when it is in the sauce for too long.

But if you’re short of time and needed to host friends from overseas, it’s still a place you could consider. You just have to order the right dishes! Some of the mains are probably not worth the price tag, but if you have Burpple Beyond, it’s 1 for 1, so that make it still quite worthwhile!

78 Airport Blvd., #05 – 206, Singapore 819666

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