Dookki; korean tteokbokki hotpot

First of the kind in Singapore, korean tteokbokki buffet, right at Dookki. Located in Suntec city, it is conveniently located and has a rather pocket friendly price tag of $18.80++ for adults. The dining period is limited to only 90 mins though, so got to chat less and eat more! Their buffet menu is as per below. You can choose the spicy level of the soup base and they have a variety of tteokbokki along with other vegetables, seafood, meat and fried dishes or fishcake.

These fishcake skewers were really not bad, just remember to eat it while it’s hot! But personally I would give all the fried food a miss, as it’s served kind of cold and quite heavily battered.

This is how much we got for the buffet! We added on the cheese but unfortunately, the rim of the pot wasn’t really heated, so the cheese wasn’t like the warm and melty kind, but hardens kind of quickly. However, we had fun with the different types of tteokbokki! It comes in various shapes and fillings. The cheese and sweet potato ones were pretty good. They were all oozing with cheese and sweet potato filling, savory and sweet at the same time. Another of the favorite will be the fishcake noodle! It kind of have a nice chewiness to it. The pot kind of remind me of army stew but the sweeter version, with less of the gochujang taste.

If you don’t know, for most of korean army stew or even like those dakglabi, it always end it with fried rice in the remaining gravy/stew/sauce. As apt as the name is, Dookki, actually means 2 meals. So right here in Dookki, we are really ending the first meal, ie hotpot, with the fried rice as the second meal! You can choose a couple of ingredients to go with your fried rice, and we have chosen the kimchi, seaweed, corn and spam. I must say as usual, the fried rice never disappoint as it’s cooked with the remaining gravy. It simply soaked up all the essence and flavor from the stew, ending the whole meal satisfying.

Here in Dookki, you can get your cravings fixed! & do note they are pretty strict with their food wastage, so do not over order!

3 Temasek Blvd, #B1-107, Singapore 038984

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