Cicada Singapore

Cicada has opened its door in Clarke Quay, positioning itself for their asian inspired dishes with a modern western contemporary touch. It is also one of the few places with cocktails on tap. Stepping into Cicada, is like stepping into a garden paradise filled with green potted decorative plants and wooden furniture. Definitely a very chill and laid back environment to dine in.

Look at how pretty the menu and the whole environment are.

We started off with Beer Battered White Bait with Wasabi Snow ($12). Apologies the wasabi snow didn’t came out as photo worthy. But I pretty like the texture and flavor of the battered white bait, it’s a little salty, a little crispy on the outside and warm and soft on the inside. Quite addictive i must say.

Then we had their Cicada’s Smoking Dumplin’s Truffled Mushroom ($14 for a set of 3). It’s interesting how they use egg crepe as the dumpling wrapper. Outside is supposedly smoked with applewood while inside is filled with mushroom, truffle puree and some roots vegetables. The applewood smoke didn’t really get into the dumplin, but you could actually smell it when they open up the cover. I must say using egg crepe as the dumpling wrapper is a pretty innovative creation.

Mains wise, we got ourselves the Char-grilled Pork Belly ($24), Grilled Miso Cod Capellini ($30) and Char Grilled Spiced French Chicken ($30). Out of the 3, Grilled Miso Cod Capellini is my favorite. It definitely has done the best in terms of flavors and texture for both the noodle and the cod fish itself. There’s a nice herby flavor to the capellini while the cod fish is very fresh and goes well with the miso butter. The char-grilled pork belly is well seasoned and marinated. The flavors is well infused into the meat itself, and it’s moist and soft. The pork belly is savory yet sweet and tangy. While for the grilled spiced french chicken, i find the flavor of the sauce is more outstanding than the chicken itself. Personally felt that the chicken needed abit more gravy.

I must say they have pretty good desserts. Their Mango Sago Pomelo ($10) is rather interesting while their Trio Chocolate ($12) is intense, chocolatey and velvety. I like how the texture complement each other, there’s the cookie crumble crunch, chocolate balls and the denseness of the cake itself. In contrast, their Mango Sago Pomelo, is outright refreshing, with pronounced coconut taste from the mango coconut panna cotta being cut through by the sweet mango bits and citrusy pomelo bits.

Pretty enjoyed the food there but I must say their cocktails were pretty disappointing. I had their Girl’s Next Door ($16), nothing look like a cocktail nor what was shared in their instagram. Probably can skip their cocktails unless they improved?

Cicada Singapore
3 River Valley Road #01-10, Clarke Quay, Blk C, 179022

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