Izakaya Hikari; decently prices izakaya house in fortune centre

An unpretentious looking izakaya place hidden on the 3rd level of Fortune Centre has their yakimono decently priced in the range of $3 odd while their cooked food like chicken karrage ranges from as cheap as $4 to more expensive ones in the $12-$15 range for items like their grilled squid. They also have a decent range of sake for you to choose from. All prices are nett and you can see the respective price range from the order chit below.

Between a bottle of sake at about $75 or to go by their house sake at $10 for every 100ml, we decided to go for the latter as it gives us variety too. We switched between cold sake, hot sake and umeshu throughout our whole dinner. We ordered a variety of dishes to go with our drinks. It includes the Tako Wasabi, Eihire, Chicken Karrage, Sanma Fish, Oden soup, Grilled Ika, Sashimi Platter and Yakimono Set.

Their food are of pretty good quality and on point with their flavors. For example their chicken karrage is chunky and juicy. The skin outside is really crispy.

I’m actually pleasantly surprised by their quality of sashimi too, sometimes I do not expect alot for sashimi in non-japanese restaurant kind of places. But for the whole platter, beside the octopus slices which were a little tougher and on the chewier side, rest of the sashimi slices were all in thick cut and fresh tasting. Particularly their scallop, it’s so sweet! Beside the aka ebi, each sashimi comes in 3 slices. We also gotten the yakimono set which consists of shishito, shitake, tebasaki, bacon asparagus, nankotsu (chicken cartilage), negima (chicken with leeks) & tsukune (chicken meatballs). Additionally, we added sticks of chicken gizzard too. Each skewers were well seasoned and cooked to tenderness. Even for the chicken gizzard which were well treated with no funny odor.

Their oden soup were made pretty traditionally. Usually i don’t find mustard in the oden soup, and to me it’s like an acquired taste. Either you”ll like it or not. But in terms of the ingredients, it’s definitely the typical ones you could find in any oden counter in 7-11 stores.

One of my favorite dish for the night will be their sanma fish. The skin has a nice charred flavor to it and the meat is actually moist. Grilled to perfection.

Good dish is worth waiting for. We waited quite a while for our Grilled Ika and it’s definitely not disappointing at all. It’s soft and chewy. Drizzle some lemon juice on it, complements the dry season rub of the squid.

All in all Izakaya Hikari has quite a good variety of selections ranging from appetizers, cold sides, sashimi, yakimono, fried food, grilled food and also some dons and soup. Not forgetting their selection of drinks too. It may not provide the most authentic izakaya dining experience you’ll get, but the food and drinks will kind of make up for it!

Izakaya Hikari
190 middle road fortune centre #03-01, 188979

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