Sen of Japan; Fresh authentic modern japanese cuisine

Sen of Japan, located in Marina Bay Sands, is a modern Japanese restaurant and bar serving traditional Japanese cuisine with a contemporary touch. I like how delicate and delicious their dishes are.

We had Fugu Mirin Boshi ($13) and Baked Oyster with Spicy Aioli ($21) for our starters. Fugu Mirin Boshi is grilled mirin and soy sauce marinated pufferfish. I was attracted by the pufferfish as it’s usually poisonous and needs to be prepared with care. I didn’t look up what it was before ordering, and i thought it is probably grilled slices of pufferfish. Instead, it’s more of a snack that goes along with a cup of sake. It’s a little sweet, savory and chewy. One of my favorite dishes for the meal got to be this Baked Oyster with Spicy Aioli. Each of their oyster is so fresh, plump and juicy despite it being baked. The sweetness was complemented so well by the spicy aioli, with a real fiery kick to it.

We ordered their Black Cod Soy ($33) and Lobster Yaki ($42) as mains. Between the two, my favorite got to be the cod. The skin was baked to perfection, with that crisp-ness to it. The cod flakes perfectly in between your fork too. Beautifully flavored with Hiro’s special soy marinade. The Lobster Yaki was cooked to point too and doused in generous amount of cheese sauce and bits of tobiko.

We also ordered their Salmon Aburi Maki ($27), it’s almost a classic among the makis. It’s a burst of flavor from the creaminess of avocado, salmon and cheese sauce followed by the umaminess from the tobiko bits. The ratio of rice to ingredients was rather well balanced too. Nothing much to complain about

Then we had Umeshu Raisin Cheesecake ($15) for dessert. It my first coming across this on any menu, so decided to go for that. The cheesecake flavor is still very prevailing with subtle traces of umeshu. Bits of raisin gave the cheesecake a nice overall touch. I guess the incorporation of umeshu and raisin kind of moderated the cheesiness of the dessert.

Sen of Japan
2, 01-86 Bayfront Ave, Marina Bay Sands, 018972

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