La Scala; for a homely italian fare

Taking its name from the world-renowned La Scala Opera House in Milan, La Scala Ristorante transports the tastes, sights and sounds of a buzzing Italian summer’s day to Arcade @ The Capitol Kempinski with a stunning menu. Antipasti, soups, pastas, pizzas and desserts come complete with the most wholesome Italian touch.

We ordered an appetizer, Burratina & Pomodorini ($23) for sharing. It’s a classic italian starter, creamy burrata with sun-dried tomatoes, what could possibly goes wrong with it?

Mains wise, we went for their Tagliolini De Mare ($28) and Pizza Monte Bianco Regione Piemonte ($28). Their pasta were all handmade, and feels a little more on the eggy side cooked to al-dente. They are pretty generous with the amount of seafood they have, and each seafood were fresh and not overcooked. While for their pizza selections, they had both the red and white for selections. Red is tomato based while white is cheese based, since the pasta we ordered was tomato based, we thus decided to go for a white pizza. While you get four cheese pizza almost anywhere else, here at La Scala, you get Five Cheese! Pizza dough were hand stretched and cooked in those charcoal furnace. When served, the melted cheese was still bubbling and overflowing. The pizza was thin crust with the crust a little more on the chewier end.

There were only 2 of us, but the portions were good enough for three! Actually in terms of quality and affordability, La Scala Ristorante will actually make a good option when you’re craving for an Italian fare. They are very generous with their ingredients. & guess what! The prices are further made more economical with the Amex Platinum Dining Card. It’s 50% off the total bill when there’s only 2 of you dinning. The savings are pretty substantial. Why pay more when you can save!

La Scala Ristorante
13 Stamford Rd, #01-86 Arcade @ The Capitol Kempinski, Singapore 178905

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