The Spot; worthy set menu with burpple beyond

The Spot is a new social hub at the heart of Singapore’s downtown area, Marina One. Offering an eclectic menu fusing contemporary European cuisine with South East Asian ingredients, The Spot is an all-day dining cafe, restaurant, bar and cigar lounge where friends and colleagues come together to celebrate the day’s success. It’s your choice of place for a nice meal with some exquisiteness less the formalities.

High ceilings with a majestic overhead furnishing, give the place its spaciousness and classy-ness. We were having staycation at Marina Bay Sands so decided to pop by The Spot for dinner since it’s just around the corner.

We contemplated between their 1-1 mains on entertainer app and specially curated 5 course set menu for 2 on burpple beyond, and decided to go for the latter. The set menu started off with Cheesebread served with unsalted butter & paprika sea salt. The cheesebread somewhat tasted like some chewy mochi, where the cheese taste will be masked if you decided to have some butter on it.

Next up was Boston Lobster & Iberico Chorizo on Crispy Pork Skin. This is a very interesting marriage of ingredients which you never thought might work out. The lobster & iberico chorizo resembling a cold salad gave the dish its refreshing-ness while the crispy pork skin gave the dish its contrast in flavors and crispiness. The pork skin was handled well without any traces of pork greasiness and oiliness.

Following next was the Hand Chopped Beef Tartare & Pan-fried Hokkaido Scallop. The pickled onion was a beautiful play to the Beef Tartare dish, as it cuts through the gelard-ness of the dish. It was also served with toast as another option how you may want to have your beef tartare eaten too. The Pan-fried Hokkaido Scallop was served with cauliflower puree and saffron fish roe butter sauce. The cauliflower puree was really smooth and creamy. The flavors were layered and further accentuated by the leek gravy. It’s like a burst of flavors in your mouth when you have a bit of scallop with a bit of all the different sauces.

When comes to the mains, there were 2 choices, the Grilled Hamachi or the Westholme Wagyu Beef Petite Tender. So the obvious choice was to go with 1 each for us. I am actually quite in love with the taste of the Grilled Hamachi dish. It comes with the coconut clam broth which beautifully brings out the rich aroma from the coconut and umaminess from the clams. The coconut taste wasn’t too overpowering but instead something smooth and addictive, making you wanting more. Unfortunately, i felt the Hamachi was kind of overcooked, so it’s a little tough for the meat. Other than that, I’ll actually choose this over the Wagyu Beef anytime. The Wagyu Beef was done on point to medium done-ness, it was nothing bad but at the same time, nothing really stood out too. It was a safe choice with truffle brown jus and the texture of meat was done to perfect tenderness with a nice charred flavor to it.

Lastly ending the meal on a sweet note. The dessert, Apple Mille Feuille, was amazing. It felt like eating an elevated version of an apple strudel. It is layered with filo pastry, green apple terrine, ivory chantilly accompanied with a scoop of smoked calvados (a kind of apple or pear brandy) ice cream. I must say this is one of the very few places which end their set menu with a fancy dessert. The place is pretty worth the try! Oh and to mention, the burpple set menu is at $148++ for 2 pax!

The Spot
5 Straits View #01-26/27 East Tower, Marina One Show Gallery, 018935

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