Winestone; Wine & Chill away from the bustling city

Winestone is located a few bus stop away from Stevens MRT station, nestled within Novotel Singapore on Stevens. It’s a quiet and has an informal dining ambiance which allows people to dine comfortably away from the hustle and bustle but yet don’t have to be too conscious about it being part of a hotel. Currently they have 1-1 for their lunch and if you have burpple beyond, they do have 1-1 for their main course, and i’ll suggest you using it for their dinner menu. They do have a slightly different menu for dinner, which includes choices like risotto, steaks etc which are not in their lunch menu. I came to realize it when I went for their lunch and noted their lunch and dinner menu looks slightly different.

As most of italian restaurants or restaurants, it comes with a complimentary basket of bread. Pretty interesting with the brown sugar touch. We ordered a bowl of Cremini Mushroom ($14) to start off our meals. Having making my own mushroom soup, and now needing to pay $14 for a bowl, i’m having a lot more expectations. Needless to say, the bowl of mushroom soup has fallen below my expectations. The soup is pretty thin, and the mushroom aroma and flavor is not as intense though there’s lingering truffle aroma from the truffle oil. Consistency is pretty smooth but the flavor is really lackluster. If more mushroom or use of portobello mushrooms are used, it will probably intensify the flavor. I had better ones before.

The 2 mains we ordered was Rigatoni Prawns ($26) & Winestone Signature Burger ($27). Rigatoni Prawns uses rigatoni pasta cooked in rich tempered-tomato parmesan sauce. Clever use of rigatoni as the hollowness allows the sauce to seep and coat every edge of the paste nicely with the sauce, giving it the flavor. It’s nicely cooked to al-denteness too. While their Winestone Signature Burger consist of 2 buttery toasted brioche with slow-grilled wagyu beef patty layered with sauteed portobello mushroom, camembert cheese and fresh lettuce. The texture of the different components of the burger were on point, with the beef patty juicy, tender and flavorful. Simple marinate of pepper and herbs to bring out the sweetness of the beef. Quite a decent burger.

If you’re looking for a place to spend a quiet afternoon with some food and a cuppa or a glass of wine, Winestone will be quite a nice option.

30 Stevens Rd, #01-09, Singapore 257840

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