OLA Cocina Del Mar; for a good quality Spanish meal

There’s a 1-1 set menu specially curated for Burpple Beyond subscribers which I was pretty excited for. 6 dishes for 2 pax, and if you go in three, you can easily add on another ala-carte dish or a couple of tapas. The set menu includes 3 starters – Salad, Spanish Broken Omelette, Grilled Vegetables; 2 mains – Chicken Antiuchos & Squid Ink Paella and 1 dessert of the day at the price of $78++ per pair. We made a reservation for Saturday evening and boy it was almost fully booked and even before the doors are opened, tables of guests were already waiting outside eagerly.

OLA Cocina Del Mar, a Spanish restaurant and bar located at the Lobby of the Marina Bay Financial Centre, Tower 3. At its heart, it serves traditional Spanish cuisine in a homey and casual atmosphere. One feels almost instantly at home, thanks to OLA’s cosy ambience and thoughtful service team.

They had a glass of Sangria at $9, which is rather decently priced and perfectly completes a spanish meal. A little fizzy and refreshing with the summer fruits at the back of the red wine.

We started the course with Salad, Spanish Broken Omelette & Grilled Vegetables. Their Salad was pretty common in a sense it consisted of fresh mixed greens, cherry tomatoes, red quinoa and anchovy emulsion. Their rocket salad is pretty bitter and bite through the whole flavor of the greens. Much prefer their Grilled Vegetables on the other hand, it’s nicely charred and juicy.

I think it’s my first to try a Spanish Broken Omelette and it has a very interesting layered of flavors. Made up of Organic eggs and Spanish Iberico Ham Sauce, it has a taste resembling of potato chips some how. The omelette was fluffy and savory. The beetroot chips was a nice complement to the dish adding a nice crunch and color to it.

Our two mains from the set was Chicken Antiuchos & Squid Ink Paella. The Chicken Antiuchos are actually grilled chicken skewers doused in peruvian adobo sauce and served with french fries and garden salad. How do you know if a dish itself is good? It’s that not only their mains are good, so are their sides. Chunky chicken thigh skewed onto the sticks grilled to perfect tenderness and juiciness is nicely flavored with the sauce that has a nice piquant and brown peppery savory taste to it. It’s like black pepper sauce with a mix of a little spiciness and brown sauce to it. The thick cut fries was actually kind of nice! Golden brown and lightly salted plus a good nice crisp to it and the potatoes mash inside is rather substantial.

Their second main of the set was the Squid Ink Paella with Spanish Pork Jowl. More often I always go for seafood paella, so i’m kind of accustomed to the seafood-y and umaminess in flavor for a paella. Therefore, when I had a taste of this Squid Ink Paella with pork jowl, I was a little surprise. The dish was a lot more mellowed, which brings out the squid ink aroma. Stirring in the mayonnaise, gave the dish a little smoothness and creaminess. At the same time, the pork jowl was savory and fragrant while the rice was grainy yet soft. Quite a nice version of a non-seafood paella I would say.

Since there are three of us, we decided to add another ala carte dish – Cazuela ($38). It’s a traditional seafood stew, mediterranean style, with white wine and dry sherry. It’s a very comforting dish with all the flavors in good balance and moderation. The prawns were grilled and charred slightly, while the squid was fresh and easy to chew on. I could taste the freshness and sweetness from the seafood. The wine and sherry also gave a nice touch to the stew, giving it a little tart, dry sweetness kind of finishing.

We had Apple Crumble tart, dessert of the day, to end the set menu. It was a little on the sweeter note, but the pastry crust was done pretty nicely, soft and flaky.

All in all, their staff were really attentive and we had an enjoyable dining experience at Ola Cocina Del Mar. If you’re looking for a place to bring your date to or for an enjoyable spanish cuisine, do give them a try!

OLA Cocina Del Mar
12 Marina Boulevard, Tower 3, #01 – 05 / 06 Marina Bay Financial Centre, 018982

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