Monti; Affordable Set Lunch with a View

Have came across Monti once while I was having a drink at Gin Parlour at The Fullerton Hotel beside and finally now I had a chance to give their Set Lunch menu a try. Step into a grand interior decked in white and gold furnishing with a high ceiling. Tables are strategically placed to give you the best view of the surrounding marina reservoir and iconic attractions.

We were lucky to have a seat by the window and the sun had mercy on us, so we could enjoy our meal with a view. Their Set Lunch is pretty worth. They have 2 courses or 3 courses available to choose from, at $39++ and $45++ respectively per pax. View their full menu here. In the end we went for 1 set of 2 courses and 1 set of 3 courses as their desserts had limited choices and we wanted to try their Tiramisu so we decided to get it ala carte.

As most Italian restaurant, we were served with a complimentary baguette with olive oil + vinaigrette as a starter. The baguette was served soft and warm with a nice bite on the edge. It was pretty good that we asked for additional servings.

The two appetizers we got were Mayura Wagyu Beef Tartare & Deep Fried Fresh Calamari. It’s rare to see Beef Tartare in any menu in Singapore’s restaurants and even rarer if the Beef Tartare served was of high quality, freshness and texture. The one I had in Monti brings me back to Italy times. Stir the raw yolk into the raw beef gave the beef tartare added creaminess and complemented well with the pickles and red onion sorbet dusted with cookie crumbs alike. The sorbet cuts the creaminess and beefy-ness balancing it with a nice refreshing touch in between.

The Fried Fresh Calamari was equally amazing. It comes with zucchini and carrot tempura too. The calamari was soft and bouncy, the batter was light and not at all greasy!

House-made Spaghetti Aglio Olio E Gamberi. Can i say, how does this look like an aglio olio to you? But don’t get me wrong, I’m saying it in a good way! Aglio Olio style, yes, stir fried with chilli padi and garlic but oh mind, it actually has that added buttery flavor and moistness. With a little umaminess too! Pasta was handmade and cooked to al dente. The flavor and texture of this pasta was so good! As far as I recall, the closest I could get to such flavors was also from the one I had in Italy. Really missed traveling so much.

In contrast, the second main, Baked Wagyu Beef & Pork Lasagne, we ordered was kind of sub-standard. It is just like any other lasagne, while you’re wondering how special will a wagyu beef make to a lasagne, nothing. Both the wagyu beef and pork was minced and layered inbetween the dough. Nothing bad yet at the same time nothing surprising. Go for their Gameri or other mains!

Here we are, ending our meal on a sweet note! Monti Tiramisu & Blueberry Panna Cotta. Their tiramisu has an overpowering of the espresso flavor and less of the rum notes, it will be nice if both flavor are kind of balanced out. Their version of tiramisu is more cake-y and their lady fingers were not soggy, but just on point.

The Blueberry Panna Cotta on the other hand was light and refreshing. It’s like a chilled smooth milk pudding.

Overall it was a pleasant dining experience with a good view and the staff was very attentive. I was actually contemplating if I should try out their Weekend (Includes PH) All-You-Can-Eat Colapranzo Menu from 11am-3pm at $68++. It seems pretty worth it actually! We’ll see!

Monti At 1-Pavilion Italian Restaurant and Rooftop Bar
82 Collyer Quay, Singapore 049327

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