Guiga Korean BBQ restaurant; Highly raved Raw Marinated Crab & BBQ meats

There are loads of Korean BBQ restaurants around and there are also a few usuals which I usually frequent. They are safe choices which will not go wrong kind – Wang Dae Bak Restaurant, Hyang Yeon Korean Restaurant, Superstar K etc etc. But I wanted to try something different, and one of the names which pop up in the google search as one of the top few recommendations is none other than Guiga. Bonus for Guiga is that they are known for their Raw Marinated Crab too, so here we are at Guiga!

Their interior is kind of rustic with some sort of traditional korean feel especially with the wooden kind of screen / separators. Ventilation is not as good as many other korean BBQ restaurants, so be prepared to smell like what you eat at the end of your meal! Their menu is very extensive and they do have a separate Set Lunch Menu which I must say it’s pretty worth! They have a wide selection of meats for their BBQ (but do go for their combo sets which I personally find it more economical and pocket friendly!), Casseroles, Stews, Cold Noodle & their Pancakes!

There’s a total 3 of us, and we ordered quite a bit! Of course, I was super excited trying Raw Marinated Crab for the very first time, so here we are with it! Their Ala-Carte Raw Marinated Crab in Soy Sauce is $34 for 2 pcs of crabs. Otherwise, the cheaper alternative is to go for their Set Lunch which is at $18! It was a pretty interesting eating experience. The texture of the raw marinated crab was some sort of soft jelly like (maybe something like your cold trotters zhu jiao dong but softer) and the meat was well-seasoned with the marinate yet not too overly salty. There’s actually a little sweetness to it! There’s no raw fishy odor to it too. It was rather fresh!

We also ordered a O-Deng-Teng (Fishcake Soup) – $30. Huge pot of casserole containing different variety of fishcake with radish. A very comforting pot on a rainy day.

Like what I shared earlier, it’s much more worth it to go for their Combo Set, so we went for the one at $69 which includes Prime Beef Ribs, Marinated Prime Beef Short Ribs, Fresh Pork Belly & Marinated Pork Ribs. Their portion is pretty reasonable (sorry our table is not big enough, so we had to put the meat at the table behind us) and we had their staff to grill the meat for us. It’s not that we are lazy but we can be assured the meats are grilled to the right texture! Their Beef Ribs were tender and best while eaten hot, it gets a little chewy when it turned cold. The marinate were on point! & the best deal of the BBQ set is that it comes with Steamed Egg in the earthen bowl!

What is having korean if we never order their pancake right, no matter how full or we think we have ordered alot, there is always room for a pancake! We went for the Kimchi Pancake ($22). I liked how it was flattened and fry till crispy. It has a nice texture yet at the same time do not taste over flour-y.

Beside the wonderful mains they served, not to forget the decent selection of ban chan they have too. Basically the ban chan we had that night were all pretty classic and they were all my favorites! It’s refillable too, so what more can I ask for! The service staff was very friendly too! May not be the cheapest BBQ restaurant around, but the quality and variety of korean dishes they have kind of make up for it! I’m pretty sure Guiga has successfully made its way into my safe list of Korean Restaurants to go to!

134 Tg Pagar Rd, Singapore 088538

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