Le Fusion; Delightful fusion dishes yay or nay?

Step into a refined dining experience at Le Fusion, nestled near Singapore River. It has a bright chic oriental interior with an inviting atmosphere. As the name sounds, it brings joy in fusing flavors. Bringing you the one of the more creative and innovative of East meet West experience.

Something you don’t see it as often in any chinese restaurant is the serving of a complimentary starter to whet up your appetite for the main courses that follows. A big juicy tomato with its sweetness combined with a little vinaigrette is all that is needed.

Guessing the portion of their main courses shouldn’t be too large, decided to get a couple of tapas and appetizers to complement the meal. We have gotten their Fresh Crackling Calamari ($14). It is lightly breaded to golden yellow keeping the calamari ring itself soft and chewy. Went pretty well with the spicy mustard kind of sauce.

Rougie Foie Gras ($25) was a pretty interesting creation. Pan seared foie gras accompanied with chinese wine infused with ginger oriental risotto and tobiko. It’s a very french dish with an asian touch. It will be further interesting if the foie gras has that torch of chinese wine. The foie gras wasn’t as creamy and melt in your mouth as how other french restaurants might have done it but nonetheless, it still has a nice velvety texture to it.

As we are done with our starters, they had a few signature and intriguing main dishes that has aroused our curiosity. We decided to go for their Le Fusion Crispy Pork Roulade ($32) and Golden Pheonix ($36). The Le Fusion Crispy Pork Roulade is like the chinese roast pork but they are kind of in a rolled up version with almost a 360 degrees crisp layer of crackling skin and further cut up in thick slices. Despite it being a little on the drier side, the yuzu emulsion and pickles kind of cut through the greasiness and provided some refreshing elements to the dish.

The Golden Pheonix was actually something pretty impressive. Marinated in Chef special sauce and served on a bed of oriental ratatouille. The meat was pretty tender, it kind of taste like duck meat but on the more tender end. Some people may find that it has a gamy taste to it, but i’m pretty much OK with it. The flavors and texture are pretty much balanced when you filled it with one spoonful of the pigeon meat, oriental ratatouille and the sauce. It has a little nice crunch from the vegetables, and the lightness from the ratatouille balances out the savoriness of the pigeon meat.

We decided to give this Whole Lobster Salted Egg Yolk Rice a try. It’s about $46, with a whole piece of deep fried sea lobster. The rice and lobster was heavily doused in the rice and creamy salted egg yolk sauce with bits of ikura. I guess what I don’t like as much for the dish was their rice. It will be nicer if the rice was more grainy and not lumpy. Other than that, the lobster meat was pretty much fresh and chunky, quite worth the price.

It’s pretty a nice place to dine in, just that the price tag to these fusion dishes are not as pocket friendly given the portion. However, their service is pretty prompt and friendly. To help save a little buck on your pocket, they are on Entertainer App, so there’s 1-1 for their main dishes!

Le Fusion
80 Mohamed Sultan Rd, #01-7 8/9, Singapore 239013

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