Babasan; Modern Asian Japanese fusion

Located among one of the shop houses along the stretch of Boat Quay sits Babasan. Their concept is modern asian japanese fusion and the food goes rather well with the beers. Not only that, their portion is huge! We overestimated ourselves and ordered a main each and 2 sides for sharing, end up we had trouble finishing everything.

They have pretty interesting and creative dishes. We ordered their Black Fries Day ($10) and Laksa Chilli Crab Mantou ($10). The Black Fries Day is basically squid ink cheese base sauce doused mercilessly over shoestring fries and topped with an onsen egg. You can taste the very seafood-y flavor from the squid ink and it is rather rich. It goes well when the fries is still piping hot and a little crisp on the outside but can get a little gelard when the fries turn soggy. The Laksa Chilli Crab Mantou ($10) is quite a representative dish of Singapore’s flavors as you get both the laksa and chilli crab. Good balance of lemak and spiciness from the dish.

My personal favorite dish for the night has got to be the Spicy Crab Fried Rice ($23)! It’s spicy rempah fried rice with generous amount of crabmeat and scallop. The taste is so good and well balanced with all the different herbs and spices. A little sweet with subtle spiciness. Both their fried rice, including the Unagi Garlic Fried Rice ($25) was fragrant and had that wok hei flavor.

The last main we had was their Mother of All Wok Porridge ($28). Generous and good variety of ingredients including tobiko, clams, smoked duck, crabmeat, prawn, mussels, unagi, fishes and salmon! Despite having so much ingredients, the taste of the dish got a little complex. It has an overly burnt wokhei aftertaste which is not that pleasant, and kind of conflicting with the sweetness and umaminess from the seafood. But the texture of porridge was really good, it’s like those cantonese ‘chok’, a very smooth yet thick kind of consistency. Believe it will be a pretty good dish, if the burnt wok-hei taste was not so strong.

Pretty good dining experience but just got to remember and moderate the amount of dishes you order to prevent over ordering as the choices can be too overwhelming. All of them just look equally good and intriguing.

50 Circular Rd, Singapore 049405

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