Elixir Boutique Roaster; the magic potion to fusion and generosity

Located in the vicinity of Botanic Gardens, right at Serene Centre is Elixir Boutique Roaster, housed right with Fat Belly. They are a local boutique coffee roaster whom take lots of pride in every cup that they serve, from bean to bar. They dished out a variety of brunch items and local delights. A very down to earth cafe with some innovations and creativity I would say.

For myself I ordered their Mocha and I’m pleasantly surprised by the taste. I enjoyed how I could taste both the chocolate and coffee, it’s very well balanced and beautifully curated. There’s a good play of milky chocolaty note at the back of an aromatic coffee scent.

A total of 3 of us decided to only order 2 plates using the Burpple Beyond 1 for 1. I’m so glad we only ordered 2! The portions were huge! We could barely finished it. We went for their The Breakfast Works ($24) and Wagyu Beef Cheeks Rendang ($22). Need i say more, believe the picture can do a lot more justice! Love how their brioche despite thick, is toasted to golden brown on the outside and still staying soft and fluffy. Breakfast Works was overloaded with all things savory. A great way to start your day with!

Their Wagyu Beef Cheeks Rendang was equally appetizing! The wagyu beef cheeks rendang was cooked with chef’s special rempeh recipe and served with blue pea rice. The wagyu beef cheeks was full of herbs and spices and tenderly soft which tears apart easily. Contrasted very well with the lightly fragrant blue pea rice.

Particularly enjoyed both the service and the food there! Despite being seated outside, service was pretty prompt and their staff was friendly and attentive. Their food are pretty worth the price tagged to it too!

Elixir Boutique Roaster
10 Jalan Serene, #01-03A Serene Centre Singapore 258748

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