Beurre; Bad Service despite Decent Food

Usually when I run out of ideas where to go for my meals, or prefer to maximize all my 1-1 food subscriptions, I’ll start scrolling my Entertainer (but i’m pretty annoyed with Entertainer, you can read more about it here) or Burpple app. I was pretty attracted to the 4 course Beurre Set Menu. It is priced at about $60+ odd for 2 pax which consists of two starters, a main course and a dessert. Menu changes slightly over time.

So why do I actually say Beurre has a bad service? I have called to make a reservation at least 3 weeks in advance for my sister’s birthday and when I arrived, i was assigned to the bar table top. I was at the same time surprised and perplexed. First, if you’re only left with the bar table top, do you not have to inform your customer and check with them if they are OK with it? Second, because the customer is using Burpple discount, they will not be given equal treatment as the rest of their other customers? Thirdly, the staff over at the cashier counter simply seem to have a bad attitude and couldn’t really be bothered with customer service or service recovery. Fourthly, I noticed a table for 2 that was left empty for as long as the time we were almost there, and they do not even bother to offer it to us and claimed all tables were already reserved. The bare minimum they could do is, let’s say they need it back by a certain time, just let us know, and if it works for us, why not? Fifthly, we are told we need to each order a drink because we are using the burpple discount and it’s at the merchant discretion. To me there is simply no consistency because the first person who brought us to the table say nothing about it when she took our order, and a second service staff came over and told us about this requirements. I was totally pissed off by the whole pre-dining experience. If you’re not pleased with customers using the Burpple discount, you could easily not participate in the programme. To be honest, when a dining experience is started on this unhappy note, no matter how good the food is, the person simply could no longer enjoy the food.

Nonetheless, I’ll still be objective with the review.

First course of the set was Chef’s Special Oyster. Oyster was really fresh and plump. There’s a good outburst of it’s juiciness with the ikura, honey granita and ginger flower vinaigrette giving the dish a good layering of flavors. Especially the refreshing sweetness with a little umaminess.

Second course was Black Truffle Escargot. Love how the foam topped with nuts gave the added nuttiness and creaminess to the Escargot which was pretty soft and chewy. It has a nice texture which was on point. The truffle aroma complemented the dish well too.

The third course which is also the main course – 58 deg Pork Collar (+$8 for the pan seared foie gras). It comes with a velvety mash and chimichurri sauce. The foie gras was a little dry and overcooked. Texture of the Pork Collar was really good and moist, but the flavor was pretty disappointing. It seems to be kind of under marinated and lackluster.

To mention, I was not charged the $8 for the foie gras as they have kindly waived that off as an attempt for their service recovery. I would want to tell them, would you like to waive off the 10% service charge instead? I didn’t experience any of your service, more of disservice.

Dessert was supposed to be Chocolate Trio Mousse. But once again, even if the dessert is no longer available, the staff should have the courtesy to inform us right from the start right and let us know what it will be changed into? You mean the staff do not know what food is available and not available for the day?

In the end what we have gotten seems to be like some Tropical Strawberries, with Honey Curd, Greek Yogurt sobert and hazelnut crumble sort which claimed to be an upgrade to us? Sorry, but I do not see it as any upgrade. It may seems to be an upgrade for my sis more.

All in all if you were to ask me, no matter how good a food is, if the service is bad, it’s hard to expect a second chance. Not that customer is always right, but there is still some basics to how you treat your customers.

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