Fook Kin; for their Crackling Roast

Fook Kin located along the Killiney stretch of Orchard welcomes a steady stream of crowd who is there for none other than their superb crackling roast. Keeping a very traditional and asian chinese outlook for the shopfront with bit and pieces of some hipster neon light decorations for the interior. A good play between modernity and bringing you back into the old days kind of atmosphere.

We ordered a couple of sides such as the Golden Shrimp Wanton ($7.80), Braised Broccoli & mushrooms ($9.80) and 1/4 Lower Duck Rack ($16) for sharing. In addition to our individual mains. I have gotten myself a Roast Treasures Mee Pok ($10.80).

Beside being crowned and known for their roast, their Golden Shrimp Wanton was surprising pretty good as well! It was deep fried to crispy but not oily and the fillings were rather meaty with traces of prawn-y paste taste. It’s actually quite substantial as compared to some of the other places.

When you think Dian Xiao Er Herbal duck was to crave for, Fook Kin’s Roast Duck in their Angelica Herb Sauce was equally amazing. The flavor was robust with an earthy note. They managed to achieve a layer of crispy light brown skin atop their meat which was mildly infused with all the herbs and spices. Flavor was well retained within and has a nice herby aroma to it. One down point of it was that I felt the sauce was a little too thick and starchy and kind of a little cold. Other than that, flavor and tenderness of meat was on point.

Ordering their rice or noodle bowl is another alternative which allows you to try both their Siew Yoke and Char Siew. Despite leaving the Siew Yoke in the noodle sauce for some time, the skin remains crackling crispy good. The meat to fats ratio was perfect to my liking, not too fatty yet at the same time it is still juicy. Their Char Siew wasn’t too bad too, it has a full-bodied charred caramelised sweetness to it.

Overall it was kind a pleasant dining experience and good enough to satisfy your cravings for roasts!

Fook Kin
111 Killiney Rd, Singapore 239553

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