S L A T E; Contemporary Aussie style affair


A dual concept S L A T E cafe is the latest addition to the Purvis Street stretch. Aussie style Cafe by day, and an Asian Contemporary Restaurant & Bar by night. Their menu is rather interesting and adventurous which includes dishes like Siew Mai Wellington, Jack & Squash, YY-HKFT etc. Price range is decent too ranging from $16 – $24 odd. & they actually serve pretty good cocktails!

slate soft bun

Since we went by the place during the day, we tried their Soft Buns ($3 per bun) and Oxtail Ragout ($18). Drinks wise, we had their Yuzu Blossom ($5) to accompany our meal and a glass of Golden Wisdom ($17) for our after meal chats.

Their Soft Buns is pretty interesting, unlike any other bun, it’s like dusted with crumbs, and with a little sweetness to it. Soft with a little chew to it. Served with cultured salted butter and guava & sour plum jam. The guava flavor was much more outstanding, don’t really taste the sour plum flavor in the jam though.

soft bun

slate Yuzu Blossom

slate spring roll

We were lucky to try their Spring Rolls which were off the menu. Spring rolls wrapped using rice paper with generous amount of juicy meaty fillings. It somehow has that Thai flavor as you bite into it. They are rather generous with their portions. Their Oxtail Ragout featuring 8hrs braised Oxtail had different layers of flavors that were well blended together. There’s the cheesiness, sweet tomato-like and herby flavors against the savory meatiness of the dish. With the use of Rigatoni as their pasta choice, being hollow in the middle allows the sauce to grooves and wraps itself evenly around every corner of the pasta. It’s pretty much a decent plate of pasta with different dimension of flavors to it.

slate oxtail ragout

Slate golden wisdom

Last but not least, I got myself a glass of Golden Wisdom. It’s a gin based cocktail shaken with Lemon Juice, Wild Flower Honey, Sweet Osmanthus, Strega & Umeshu. It has that kick yet it is refreshing with a nice mild floral fragrance and the taste is towards the citrus-y sweet kind. It has grasped the right balance of intensity and enjoyment. Pretty love their cocktails!

S L A T E has curated their own unique style of dishes which are pretty welcoming and I would say have allowed them to set themselves apart from some of the other cafes too. Will definitely be back to try a few more of their other dishes and cocktails.

24 Purvis St, #01-00, Singapore 188601

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