Bread Yard; Superb sourdough & bowls

Bread Yard

Bread Yard, a local artisan bakery and cafe located in Fusionpolis at One North kneads out super good and tasty sourdough. Also offering comforting and warming bowls and brunch items. It gets really crowded during the weekend brunch hours, do make sure you make a reservation before heading down! The wait for food took awhile too.

Bread Yard Matcha Cruffins

Gotten 2 items off the menu to try in the cafe – Matcha Cruffins ($5) and Steak & Eggs Bowl ($14) and bought back their Miso Sesame Soudough ($8 for 550g). Their Miso Sesame Sourdough toasted after freezing was so good! Crisp texture and fragrant, but do eat it while it’s freshly hot and toasted before it toughen upon cooling. Was a little disappointed on the Matcha Cruffins as i was expecting a little bit more. It wasn’t warmed enough so the matcha didn’t really flow but the cruffin shell was pretty soft and flaky with a little sweetness to it. Give a pretty good contrast against the bittersweet matcha. Overall taste and flavor should improved if they had warm it up a little bit more.

On the other hand their Steak & Eggs Bowl was not too bad. Before ordering, i had read reviews about how the steak slices are on the chewier end. But wells, I believe they acknowledges it, and they tried to make the slices as thin as possible, so the toughness and chewiness of the steak slices kind of improved. Other than that, the bowl is well packed with flavor that marries well together. A little savory with some truffle fragrance and nutty note to it. The bowl is good on it’s own, but the Garlic Bread stick has definitely complemented it well. The texture is like a mix of pretzel and puff pastry sort, with a nice crunch to it.

Bread Yard Steak & Egg

All in all, it’s a pretty nice chill out place over a nice cup of coffee and some bakery goods or brunch items.

Bread Yard
1, 01-23 Fusionopolis Pl, 24 Galaxis, 138522

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