Brine; Contemporary Fine Dining


A contemporary casual fine dining Brine is located along North Bridge Road. Opened its doors in April 2017 by Chef Christopher and his girlfriend and co-owner, Shermain. Almost everything was built from scratch by the couple, from the designing to the benches and tables. A very simple and cozy minimalist interior, allowing you to just focus on the food.

Brine menu

Love how restaurants keep their menu simple such that every dish will end up as a highlight of the restaurant.

Torched Beef & Cheese Tortilla

We ordered 3 different dishes and each brings out it’s own unique contrasting flavor in a good way. Their Torched Beef & Cheese with crushed Tortillas ($15) are made of mini beef chunks with a sweet brown savory sauce. It’s quite a refreshing dish with an added crunch despite it being a meat dish.

Brine Dashi Risotto

Dashi Risotto ($28) topped with an onsen egg and deep fried enoki has a nice chewy texture. The clear and unassuming dashi broth brings about a nice and light umami flavor. The risotto was well simmered with the flavors infused well into the grains. Particularly, I enjoyed these risotto with a little gravy to it. It gives the dish a good balance between creaminess and lightness.

Brine Souffle Omelette

Last but not least, the Soufflé Omelette ($28) with Crab Beurre Noisette and Tom Kha. French way of cooking with some Thai elements to it. Loved how soft and fluffy the omelette was. Completely complement the stronger flavor and thicker consistency of that Tom Kha sauce, which was a little creamy, tangy and some notes of spiciness!

775 North Bridge Rd, Singapore 198743

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