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Don Ho Social Kitchen & Bar serves modern Australian dishes with some resemblance to tapas alike kind of style. The restaurant and bar has an open concept kitchen with intimate seating. Interior was rather nature inspired, alot of greens with big palm leaves kind of decoration. It makes you feel as though you’re stepping into an open garden. Their menu is very cutesy, divided into Land, Earth, Sea, Humble Beginnings to Sweet Endings.

don ho interior

don ho

don ho salt brushed lamb tenderloins

We decided to go for their Salt Brushed Lamb Tenderloins ($22), Charred Octopus ($22) and Braised Beef Cheeks ($22). Their lamb tenderloins are heavily crusted with herbs and dash of salt. It is actually pretty not bad, it kept the moistness within and the flavor was pretty balanced. Heavy on the outside and natural in the inside. The lamb was actually very tender and not at all gamy.

don ho charred octopus

Look at the pretty tentacles! The Octopus was charred to perfection. You got that little charred taste on the outside. Texture was pretty nice, soft and chewy. Not at all hard. Love it!

don ho braised cheeks

Last but not least we had the Braised Cheek. The beef was well stewed. It was very tender and flavorful. Meat falls apart easily. The truffle mash actually complement the braised cheek pretty well as it was rather light, just perfumed with truffle aroma.

All in all, i feel like Don Ho is a place more suitable for drinks with sides rather than a proper dinner kind of place. Their food are pretty not bad, but priced on the higher end given their portion. Vibe is pretty bustling yet chill, a place to let your hair down after a long day of work.

Don Ho Social Kitchen & Bar
1 Keong Saik Rd., The Working Capitol Building, Singapore 089109

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