Le Binchotan – Gastronomical French-Japanese dining


Le Binchotan is a French-Japanese restaurant based on French techniques and the centuries-old practice of grilling using binchotan — a rare and highly prized Japanese charcoal. The dishes are well curated and each with their very own unique characteristic.

Their interior is simple yet futuristic. The use of mirror was a great play which makes the area looks roomy yet cozy at the same time.



Their food and wine menu. A good variety of selections rather than similar selection cooked in various way. If you’re unsure of what to order, it’s a good start to follow their recommendations! As that’s what we did actually!



We started off with the Uni & Caviar, followed by their Binchotan (please order, no regrets I swear!), Tiger Prawns and ended off with a plate of Capellini.

Uni & Caviar was very distinct in flavors and texture. Begin with the umaminess and creaminess of the uni followed by a refreshing dashi stock jelly alike and ending it off with the smooth and creamy cauliflower puree. Ooo, it’s a welcoming perplexing journey of flavors. Both the uni and caviar are so fresh!


Next up was something hot, Binchotan, to warm up our stomach. Don’t underestimate these black looking popiah look alike. It’s mind-blowing good! Dusted with some chilli powder, the skin of Binchotan is so thin and crispy yet not the least oily. One bite into Binchotan, exposes the mouth watering, moist and juicy, tender pulled pork. It’s so good on it’s own that you can make do without the yogurt dip. Love how it has a little lingering charcoal aroma to it.



We also had their Tiger Prawns with mentaiko sauce. The prawns were grilled to perfection. A little charred on the outside with a little savory saltiness to it before revealing the sweetness of the plump and juicy prawns. Another well thoughtful dish. I love how the Chef manage to capture the essence and bring out the original flavor of each and every ingredient.


To end the meal satisfied, we decided to go with the Capellini. Yet another simple dish that brings out the flavor of the Sakura Ebi. It’s a good balance between savoriness and fragrance. It may be a little on the dry side, but i think it was OK as it’s wasn’t too oily.

In terms of ambiance, quality of food and pricing wise, will definitely recommend Le Binchotan! Especially if you are finding a place to celebrate any special occasion!

Le Binchotan
115 Amoy St, #01-04, Entrance via, Gemmill Ln, 069935

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