Monarchs & Milkweed Gelato for Botanical Flavors


Located along North Bridge Road joining the stretch filled with cafes, cakes and coffee, giving us yet another dessert or after food option! They are usually pretty much full house even on weekdays nights. Their seating area are not big to begin with. In terms of interior, they have taken a minimalist and simplistic approach. Walls are deck in white wash against mint turquoise tiles and gold-colored furniture with a small porch at a corner of the cafe.  Monarchs & Milkweed Gelato has definitely amazed me with their ice cream choices.


Their flavors are more of inspired towards botany and herby kind while retaining some of the unique good O classics. I went there on 2 separate occasions and manage to try about 6 flavors in total? That’s almost a good 50% of their flavors available. Very focused on what they want to give to their customers, all their flavors are beautifully and uniquely crafted. Even though there’s only 11-12 flavors, we are more than enough spoilt for choices as they all looked equally good!  I’ve tried before their Ispahan, Burnt White Chocolate, Brown Butter Sage, Pistachio, Chocolate Sorbet and Soursop Mint. In terms of refreshing-ness/light-ness of flavors, from most to least, it will goes from Soursop Mint > Ispahan > Brown Butter Sage > Burnt White Chocolate > Pistachio > Chocolate Sorbet. Personally I was pleasantly surprise by the Chocolate Sorbet. Sorbet is usually lighter and refreshing but the chocolate flavor was rather deep and intense, it does not taste icy as how usually a sorbet will be like and yet it does not have the creaminess that of an ice cream either but the mouthfeel is just superb. It’s very all rounded. Brown Butter Sage on another hand is a very interesting flavor. It’s surprisingly light and mellowed with hint of lingering sage fragrance. Personal favorite has to go to Ispahan, it’s a lychee, rose and raspberry kind of flavor. A good balance between sweetness, refreshing-ness and creaminess. I liked how i could taste the lychee flavor and the bite on the raspberries bits give a burst of citrusy touch to the flavor. It’s not artificial tasting, you could tell their ice cream are all made from fresh ingredients. Just an additional $1 for their cone is really worth it. It’s not only crispy but it’s substantial too!


Not surprise if i’m back for the 3rd time trying new flavors!

Monarchs & Milkweed Gelato
802 North Bridge Rd, #01-01, Singapore 198770

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