Izy Fook for Amzaing Cha Shu & A5 Kagoshima Wagyu, not forgetting their Banana Rum Pie

izy fook

Rebranded from Izy in 2019 to Izy Fook (一起福), takes a creative approach towards incorporating the roasted and charred Cantonese meats into quality Izakaya classy dishes. They had a bar area near the entrance; a more spacious dining area at the back; and they do have a VIP enclosed room too.


I have been there twice. Their first menu was more asian and cantonese centric, before evolving into their latest menu which has an injection of japanese influence into the dishes. There’s a more pronounced japanese izakaya element into the menu while retaining a few of their signature dishes, eg. Cha Shu. Wells, there’s a few hit and misses to it. Read on to find out more and check out their full menu here!

izy fook karaage

We got a couple of appetizers, mains and desserts. Featuring from both first and latest menu. Karaage with Balsamic Mayo ($10) was on both menus. Never a fan of karaage as most of the karaage I have came across are usually heavily battered, but this is different. The batter was light and crispy, with substantial chunk of meat that was moist and juicy. It taste even better when you have it hot!

izyfook yellowfin tuna & bafun uni

Their makis were pretty interesting, so we decided to order some to try. One of the two that we ordered was Yellowfin Tuna & Bafun Uni ($39). Wells, i would say it’s pretty lacklustre, kind of lacking the characteristic of a maki. I can’t really find the identity of a sushi maki in this dish. I just felt like i was eating chunks of rice, the taste was pretty flat.

izy fook white clams in dashi

In contrast, I enjoyed their White Clams in Dashi ($18), a dish retained from their first menu too. It’s a pretty simple dish done well. A bowl of natural sweetness with subtle umaminess.

izy fook swordfish kyoto miso

Another recommended dish from their staff was this Swordfish Kyoto Miso ($34). The swordfish was very fresh and flaky with a little charred sweet brown sauce flavor to it. It’s a very izakaya dish that will go well with a glass of sake.

duroc cha shu with pickled daikon

Nothing beats the highlight of both meals I had there. If you never try their Duroc Cha Shu with Pickled Daikon ($19), it’s equivalent to you have never been to Izy Fook. It’s definitely one of their MUST TRY SIGNATURE! Look at that beautiful caramelization. Their Cha Shu is braised till so tender where the meat falls apart easily with just a little bite and has that good ratio of fats and meat. In their earlier menu, they actually had sio bak too! That was another heavens, it was so crackling meaty good! Sadly it’s no longer found in their current latest menu.


Another memorable dish from their earlier menu was the Apollo Roasted Spring Chicken ($15 for half). It was another amazing chicken dish I ever had in my life. The lime, chilli padi, ginger and scallion dressing literally brightened up the dish. It has provided layers of flavor to this chicken dish which was already otherwise flavorful on its own. Each and every piece of the chicken was so tender and moist including the usual least like breast part of the chicken. Definitely a dish that i will missed from the earlier menu!

a5 kagoshima wagyu fried rice

To be honest, they do have a couple of attention stealing dishes! Because, right here is another one! The A5 Kagoshima Wagyu Fried Rice ($52). What could i say more, the beef was literally melty in my mouth. The marbling of the beef was so gorgeous. But hey, the A5 Kagoshima Wagyu don’t just shine on its own! The fried rice was actually not bad too. Each and every grains was fluffy and well separated with a good wok hei eggy fragrance. All in all, it was a delightful dish not to be missed too!

banana rum pie

Remember to go with a few more people so that you will have enough stomach space to try a little of their appetizers, mains and not forgetting their desserts! OK, you don’t much have a choice, as there’s only one and only one dessert item on their menu. Trust me, you will never regret ordering their Banana Rum Pie ($12)! While the pie is made of crumbly cookie crust, what’s hidden within was none other than warm caramelized banana cubes topped with a very light and refreshing cream. Woah, this dish really caught us by surprise. It was impressive. Lightly spike with rum but nothing too overpowering and the good balance between sweetness and butteriness.

Although their dishes are more towards the more expensive end, the quality and taste experience is worth what you’ll be paying for! Not forgetting their happy hours too from 5-8pm! Their drinks are pretty good too.

Izy Fook
27 Club St, Singapore 069413 

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