Lucid Cafe; On cloud nine after having their sweet treats!

lucid cafe

Lucid cafe located along 38 Hamilton Road was a 6 month old new addition into the Jalan Basar Cafe scene. It is a collaboration between 37waves (distributor of coffee equipment and tools) and Thoughts Bake. A minimalist concept in shades of white and metal grey giving off the industrial and concrete look.

lucid cafe interior

Their menu is kept lean with a total of 7 pastries items for selection (which include their Cheesecake, Dulcey Tart etc) and a handful of coffee and tea (partner with Hvala) to go with it.

lucid cafe cloud beta v0.1

I decided to go for their Cloud Beta v0.1 ($9) and Hojicha Latte ($5.80). Sometimes I do get a bit skeptical on food that are Instagram worthy as most of the time they look good but doesn’t taste as good as it look. But oh boy, Lucid has proved this theory wrong. Their desserts taste as good as it look! The cloud was light and fluffy with a nice milkiness flavor to it, in contrast to the citrusy strawberry basil fillings. It’s as though I’m eating an airy marshmallow with strawberry fillings. The bite was further layered with the crumbly texture of the shortbread. Enjoyed how the sweetness of this dessert was moderated so well as a whole as well.

lucid cafe cloud beta

I’ve ordered a cup of Hojicha Latte to go with it too. I liked the bittersweet aroma with the accompanying strong roasted tea fragrance. Could go back anytime for it again!

lucid cafe hojicha latte

38 Hamilton Rd, Singapore 209208

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