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BTM Mussels & Bar located in Duxton Hill specializes in mussels from Europe. Not only in the classic butter, white wine cooking style but also with some asian elements (eg, Thailandaises & Au Curry) as seen from their menu. Additionally, they have a variety of starters, flambees and boards for sharing too. It’s a rather cozy place, with bar, indoor and al fresco seating. Has that bit of European bistro bar dining kind of feel, but less the dimness and noise level.

I was rather excited to check out BTM Mussels & Bar as I’m a number one seafood fanatic and the ratings was not too bad. However, over times, the ratings kind of drop a little too and here’s why!

Smoked Bacon & Caramelized Onions Flambee

Smoked Bacon & Caramelized Onion Flambees ($24) – The flatbread is thin-crusted; a little crispy and airy. If you’re a fan of caramelized onion, this is for you. The sweet caramelized flavor is a little too strong and overpowering. It was not a good harmony with the smoked bacon. It’s as though i’m eating caramelized onions on its own and smoked bacon on its own, instead of as a dish.

But do try their croquettes! It’s pretty good! We gobbled it a little too fast and forgotten all about the pictures. In any way, we got their Truffled Porcini Croquette ($12). It was creamy and full of truffle and earthy aroma.

A La Creme

Since we had the Burpple Beyond 1-1 for their mussels and this place is known for their mussels, we have got to try it right! The size you see from the 2 pictures are actually different (yes, your eyes are not playing a trick on you). Above was 750g while below was 500g. The 1-1 is only for 500g, but there was some glitch with the redemption at point of ordering, so the staff suggested for us to go for the 750g which will better serves us (ie for 4 pax). But while paying for bill, I decided to try the app again, and it works! So then, we just asked if we could redeem a complimentary 500g portion and they were cool with it. Thus why you are seeing 2 different portions here!

We decided to go for something classic and italian, ie A La Creme, 750g (above) and A La Tomate, 500g (below). All are served with basket filled with shoestring fries. The mussels meat are actually pretty small despite it being plump, while the gravy is quite mild and thin. The servings are a little underwhelming and flavor was on the diluted end. For A La Creme, i could taste like sweet cream liquid milk but not the white wine; while for the La Tomate is just a slight sweet tangy-ness to it.

I had one of the best Mussels in Isle of Skye. It was cooked in white wine and cream, the gravy was thick, fragrant and filled with the sweet white wine taste. The 500g portion we had back there is like 750g served here in Singapore. Moreover, the mussels were way more bigger than this and so much more satisfying. It was so good that we ordered a second portion! Wonder where and when else i could have such good mussels again!

A La Tomate

& once again I can’t emphasize enough, how important customer service is even during reservations. There was a slight hiccup, but glad they manage to have it sorted out. After all, the whole dining experience begins at the very first contact point.

BTM Mussels & Bar
5 Duxton Hill, Singapore 089591

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