The Gong by Drinks & Co for Great Food & Drinks after Work


Went for a food tasting at The Gong by Drinks & Co awhile back. Conveniently located at Duo Galleria, in the vicinity of Bugis, The Gong is inspired to produce great food at affordable prices. Keep it traditional with seafood pasta or try one of their slider burgers or fusion dish. Whatever you fancy, no meal is complete without a perfect refreshment. No Drinks & Co restaurant would be complete without a wide range of beverages. Choose from their huge range of bottled drinks, a classic cocktail or let them find the perfect concoction to accompany your meal.

Gong's Florets of Cauliflower

Florets of Cauliflower ($12) with cauliflowers tossed in pesto sauce and the ingenious replacement of cherry tomatoes with grapes has provided a twist to this salad dish. Not only was it refreshing, it also had a hint of sweetness and juiciness from the grapes.

Gong's Salt and Pepper Squid

Gong Salt & Pepper Squid ($15) is like your typical Taiwanese snack you cam find along all the night market stalls! But what makes it different was the batter. It was light and has that su chui texture while the squid inside remains tender and easy to chew on. Perfect dish to go with drinks!

Gong's Meat Platter

Next up was one of The Gong’s Signature Board – The Mixed Meat Platter ($38/52) good for 2 to 4 to share. It consists of New Zealand Lamb Rack, Grilled Australian Beef, Pork Sausage, Chicken & Beef Satay served with Mixed Olives, Mixed Mesclun Salad, Grain Mustard and Mint Yoghurt Sauce. My favorite out of all the meats was the New Zealand Lamb Rack. Not only does it not have any gamy smell, it was super tender and well marinated with herbs and spices. Flavor went really well with the Mint Yoghurt sauce.

Gong's Iberico Pork

Come to Mains, they do have quite a wide selection ranging from Pasta to Meats to Asians etc. We had the Iberico Pork ($21) and Hokkien Mee ($13). The iberico pork was a little overcooked and a little on the tough end. But the flavors kind of make up for it with the pork jus, pickled vegetables and eggplant puree has a little mustard taste to it. If you like your Hokkien Mee a little more wet, a little more saucey, then this is the one for you. Though it’s missing the wok hei taste and the umami prawn oomph.

Gong's Hokkien Mee

Gong's Zul's Satay Pizza

We also tried 2 of their signature pizzas – Zul’s Satay Pizza ($21) and Assorted Mushroom Pizza ($24). Both pizzas are thin crusted. The Assorted Mushroom Pizza was a very safe choice, hardly anything would go very wrong with it, especially with the additional dollop of truffle which heightens the taste profile. Zul’s Satay Pizza on the other hand was a surprising choice. We were all amazed by it’s flavors. It has so much resemblance to that local satay flavors. Not forgetting that nuttiness from a satay’s peanut sauce, the essence of cucumber and onion that goes with the satay were all present too

Gong's Assorted Mushroom Pizza

Gong's Tiramisu

As usual, to end all meals on a good note, we had Tiramisu ($12). I liked how fluffy the cake was and how much the sponge was well soaked in the rum. The layer of flavors from creaminess to a little alcoholic was perfect. The Gong by Drinks & Co is pretty much a perfect place for an after work chill out with some drinks and food to go with. Ambiance was really relaxing and welcoming too.

The Gong by Drinks & Co
7 Fraser St, #01-59 & 60 Duo Galleria, Singapore 189356

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