Grids & Circles – For wholesome food!

Grids & Circles - coffee

Grids & Circles is located along South Beach Road with Chinatown as the nearest accessible MRT station. It is not only a cafe but also a lifestyle retail store. An event space available for rent too. Interior kept to its basics with the focus on healthy eating. Do you know Grids & Circles has a wide range of interesting and unique tea blends too? Beside the tea selection, their Lavender Latte ($6.50) was really good too, with linger lavender aroma.

Grids & Circles - avocado toast

Grids & Circles has a decent selection of wholesome meals to kick start your day. We decided to go for their Avocado Toast ($18) and Zen Breakfast ($18). To be honest, i was a little worried when i received my Avocado Toast. “This looks overly healthy, is it going to taste not as nice?” To my pleasant surprise, it was actually awesome! The multi-grain was well toasted with cream cheese alike spread. Atop was filled with all sorts of nuts, blueberries and cherry tomatoes covering the avocado. Accompanying were garden salad and baked chips which were pretty addictive! Chips were lightly salted, and that’s about it!


On the other hand, Zen Breakfast ($18) is very japanese style, as you can see from their presentation. Brown rice served with diced pumpkins, mushrooms, eggs and a slab of salmon with dashi seaweed soup. Flavors were not at all compromised, I could taste the sweet umami salmon and buttery mushrooms.

grids & circles - interior

After a hearty meal, easily continue with some reading or get some work done as free wifi is available! (I have previously compiled a list of cafes that’s conducive for work to be done, check it out here.) Or simply chill with a pot of tea from their pretty extensive tea menu.

Grids & Circles
200 South Bridge Rd, Singapore 058749
Open 9am – 9pm daily

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