Porta at Park Hotel Clarke Quay

Noticed the difference in this blog post’s photo as compared to the other posts? All my past post’s photos are mainly raw (ie without any photoshop or edits) while I have decided to do some edits to my this set of photos during this circuit breaker period (cause I have a lot more time on hand). Quite a vast difference right, colors are more vibrant and focus are much clearer! I should maybe keep this up!

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Alright, back to my food review proper. Before circuit breaker officially kicks in, decided to check out Porta situated in Park’s Hotel at Robertson Quay. It has a very laid back atmosphere for both hotel’s guest and walk in customers to chill over a glass of wine and some good food. They have both indoor and al fresco seating. We decided to do a greens to balance our meat mains. Their greens were all fresh and crunchy with generous amount of feta cheese and olives.

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Decided to go for their Barramudi & Iberian Pork Secreto ($26). Barramudi was OK, meat was sweet and flaky, with that crisp and chewiness from the pan-seared skin. Accompanying seafood in the ratatouille sauce was plump and succulent. Would say it’s a safe dish but with not much WOW factor. Highly recommend their Iberian pork due to the meatiness and tenderness. It also has good flavors from the herbs rub which complement the mustard mash that was so smooth and creamy. Really liked how balance the overall flavors of the dish was.

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Of course, there must always be a sweet ending to the meal. We ordered Spiced Apple Tart Tartine ($14). It’s quite an interesting dessert filled with flavors in layers. If you dig in from the top, you’ll have that sweet savoriness from the bacon strips doused in maple syrup sauce that hits you first. Then mellowed down with the creamy rum and raisin ice-cream full of rum taste before ending it with a light flaky pastry shell (like your tau-sar piah kind of texture) followed by a slight punch from the spiced apples that were hidden well within. It’s quite a fusion funky creation i would say!

Food was really enjoyable and quite worth the price with 1-1 deals! However the attentiveness of staff could well be improved further. One of the staff accidentally broke a glassware but the cleaning up of the broken pieces was done rather sloppily.

1 Unity St, Singapore 237983

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