Apollo Coffee Bar

Apollo Coffee Bar was a new addition to the same family of Atlas Coffeehouse (Bukit Timah), Lunar (OUE Downtown) and Columbus Coffee (Upper Thomson) in Serangoon Gardens. Conveniently located along the same stretch as Pow Sing Chicken Rice and the bus stop at the circle where everyone alights for Chomp Chomp or Prata, is thus unsurprising bustling with dining crowd. They adopt a white and bright lighting kind of concept for its interior, with seating area reasonably spacious too. What really set them apart from the rest of the brunch cafes is their menu that provides something different and something unique. It’s like the simplest ingredients made to its best.


Starting off with this plate of Burnt Brussels Sprouts ($12). Usually people are put off by the bitterness of brussels sprouts, but i would say this dish has played the bitterness to minimum. Somehow it has a tinge of sweetness to it and the cheese has gave the dish some savory note. A little cheesy, a little fragrant and it’s kind of bittersweet. Some of the leaves felt a little toasted with a slight crunch to it.


Moving on to the brunch items, we tried a total of 2 items. First was the Honey Prench Toast ($18.50) and second was Nori, Avo & Eggs ($18.50). Like the name suggests, the dish was a combination of pear and french toast (thus P-rench) drenched in honey. Could taste the buttery and eggy-ness of the toast sweetened with honey. Toast itself is flavorful enough that you don’t even need the addition of maple syrup, cream and butter. Poached pears were softened and flavor was mellowed. Fortunately, it’s quite a balanced dish with not too overpowering sweetness.


Avocado toast is nothing new to the brunch world, but really love the twist from the typical avocado toast with the play of varied ingredients. The basics still remain ie avocado smash, toasted ciabatta and scrambled eggs that were served separately. What makes this dish different from others is the addition of crispy kale and how this dish is kept simple and flavors kept light yet the satisfaction is there. Neither was the toasted ciabatta tasting soft due to the moistness from scrambled eggs if served together. The mouthfeel of the dish was really good, there’s a combination of crispy hard and softness to it. Seasoning was pretty much kept to it’s minimum too, probably just a pinch of salt on the crispy kale or a dash of lemon to the avocado smash.


Decided to try out one of their mains too – Cereal Prawn Pasta ($20). Find it quite a contrast from it’s brunch items. Flavors were a little lackluster. It’s overly garlicky but lacking the cereal fragrance. Would probably call it a Prawn Aglio Olio rather than Cereal Prawn Pasta.


To end things on a sweet note (or maybe not too sweet), we ordered the Miso Caramel Soft Serve ($7). Very overpowering flavor in one dessert, the soft serve is on the light salty side while the flavor of the popcorn is too intensifying. Although it’s crunchy but it’s just too sweet and salty. If you’re a fan of intense Salted/Sea Salt Caramel kind of flavor, this will probably be something that you’ll like. (Guess from now, you can pretty much tell I’ll prefer light to moderate over strong intense flavors any time.)

Dishes may be slightly on the pricier side, but given the location, i could partly understand too. Located in a neighborhood full of rather well to do people, first people will be willing to pay (given at least decent and not thrashy quality kind of food) and second, rental in this kind of location won’t be too cheap either. But i personally find that at least the prices are kind of justified by the food quality! Anyway, they get really crowded during the peak dining hours, so do remember to make a reservation before going down!

Apollo Coffee Bar
65 Serangoon Garden Way, Singapore 555961   

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