Fat Belly 6-course meal


It’s always a pleasure observing behind the scenes for every plate of food that was served onto the table. The passion and dedication from the chefs preparing each food fresh from the scratch is something we often overlook. Chanced upon Fat Belly while i was browsing through Burpple Beyond and excited to know there’s 1-1 for their 6 course set meal! So decided to give it a try!

Fat Belly is a casual fine-dining scene which aspire to showcase alternative cuts of beef, not just the prime cuts. Be prepared, as Fat Belly dishes up a dance on your palate for an unconventional steakhouse experience.

Their 6 course tasting menu is priced at $80++ consisting of a Consomme, 2 starters, Short Ribs, Char Siew, The Bikini, Tri Tip and the Sweet.


Consomme – Clarified Beef Bone Broth with Scallion Oil & Starter Duo – Savory Tart & Financier

The clarified Beef Bone Broth was already flavorful, light yet beefy, in the first place but the addition of scallion oil brought it to the next level. Pretty like the savory tart with truffle mascarpone, a little lighter in contrast to the Financier with duck fat and foie gras mousse. That refreshing umami flavors. Oh boy, it’s like a savory sweet.


Short Ribs – Potato Pavé, Chimichurri, Crèmefraîche, Smoked seasalt

Love how crisp the Potato Pavé is, it’s as though eating homemade potato fries. Despite it being crisp, there’s this softness and mushiness of potato retained. The short ribs were well marinated and tender, literally melt in your mouth.


CHAR SIEW – Rib fingers, Wilted Kale

Seeing the name Char Siew, i was expecting something similar to that of Char Siew, but well, Fat Belly has played it well. Beef is used instead of the usual pork, in cubes instead of slices. The flavor were on point with the distinct sweetness of a typical char siew and has a little charred aroma on the edges.


THE BIKINI – Homemade Wagyu Bak Kwa with Moroccan spice and Emmental

What a naughty sounding name. But interesting twist to the Bak Kwa we knew. It’s meatier, more moist and a little easier on bite compared to a typical Bak Kwa which is chewier, oilier and can be drier. Bread is toasted to golden brown, and overall together with the Bak Kwa, there’s this lingering caramelized sweetness, not as savory as you would thought it to be.


TRI TIP Aus Kobe F1 Wagyu Marble Score 4 – 5 Tri tip – Pomme purée, Burnt shallots, Smoked Eryngii Mushrooms

Beef Marble Score define the premium, tenderness, juiciness and richness of a cut. The higher the score, the higher the marbling is. 3 is like the minimum entry grade. So just like the vision of Fat Belly, they glorify the alternative of cuts that probably make you wonder, how would a cut of score 9-12 taste like when a cut of score 4-5 already taste so amazing. Chose to have it medium rare and see beneath that brown outer layer reveals an almost pinkish interior which is so tender, rich and creamy. It actually balances well with the burnt shallots, which is not overly sensational but has a brittle texture and sweetness to it.


SWEET – Pistachio, Sour Cherry, Meringue.

Finally to the last course – dessert! To be honest, we were pretty full by now! But oops, we did order a bowl of truffle fries in addition to our set menu. The set menu will probably be just nice if we were less greedy! This sweet is like a pistachio panna cotta like kind of dessert. A little on the denser side, but thankfully the flavor were on the milder end. Complement well with the nuttiness from the chopped pistachio, sweetness from the chocolate and sourness from the sour cherry jelly. That’s almost all you can ask for in one plate of dessert.

Pretty much enjoyed myself at Fat Belly, At a decent price, you could get yourself quite a sensory dining experience!

Fat Belly
10 Jln Serene, #01-04, Singapore 258748 

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