Xiao Ya Tou

The technology of iPhone has been giving a lot of issues with all the photos formatting. Used to be ease of usage has somewhat becoming not very user friendly. But nonetheless, after a long hiatus, am kind of slowly back to the blogging space as i realised sometimes there’s too much i wanted to share about certain places and food and it became too lengthy for an Instagram post.


Xiao Ya Tou has always been on my “want to go to” place for  quite a while and am finally glad i get to try it using Chope Voucher! Loved how it is decorated in a retro old school kind of style, they even have some old school games along the wall for you to try your hands on while waiting for your food to be served. They constantly evolve their menu and both the food and cocktails are equally enticing but we decided to shortlist the following – Crispy Otak Otak Roll ($12), XYT Dumplings ($14), Xinjiang Style Lamb Spare Ribs ($28), Truffle Roast Duck ($26) and Mala Fish ($20).

Pardon for some of the missing photos due to issue with iphone. Their Crispy Otak Otak Roll is like a skinny rolled up popiah filled with otah. Really fried to golden and crispy.


Another mind blowing dish was this Truffle Roast Duck. Perfumed with truffle yet keeping the local texture and flavor of a typical roast duck where the skin is light and crisp. The duck is towards a little more fatty side, making it more tender and juicier. Finish that ‘chap‘ with the rice!


Up next was this Xinjiang Style Lamb Spare Ribs. Well marinated ribs with strong flavor of herbs and spices. The meat and fats was in the golden ratio that retains the moistness of the ribs yet you don’t find it too fatty and gelard. The spice marinate was very aromatic with a little of peppery taste.


Last but not least was this $30 bowl of Mala Fish. A good rendition of Ma La Xiang Guo and Shui Chu Yu, where it has other ingredients like lotus roots, black fungus, glass noodles and the thickened gravy of this Mala Fish has the good numbing effect before the spiciness. I could easily just have the gravy with a bowl of white rice, and it will be equally satisfying.

Highly recommend this place for the quality of food and friendly staff. Except that you may find the portion a little too small for the price you’re paying. It’s actually a good alternative if you would like to bring your foreigners friend to try some local food but with a fusion twist. It will be quite a different dining experience. Would love to be back to try their cocktails and a couple more of their dishes!

Xiao Ya Tou
6, #01-01 Duxton Hill, 089592

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