Food Tasting: Christmas Set at FrapasBar by Saveur

It’s actually my second time here at FrapasBar. This time round for a food tasting for their Christmas Set Menu. They have Christmas Set Menu for 2 pax and 4 pax!

Their Set Menu for 2 pax at $85++ includes Turkey Breast & Ham, Duck Breast, 4pcs Hokkaido Scallops, Saveur Pasta, Truffle Potato Croquette and Ice Cream (Coffee flavored!).


Love the crumbly crust of this Truffle Potato Croquette, encapsulating the warm smooth creamy truffle mash within.


The 4pcs Hokkaido Scallop was another highlight of the set. Love the dressing of the scallop. A little salsa-like and tropical style, a little sweet and sour with a tinge of umaminess from the ikura.


Saveur pasta on the other hand, lacks the lacklustre from its early days. Not as fragrant, truffle tasting and chilled. A little on the drier end too.


Perhaps the duck breast could be sliced thinner. It’s a little on the chewy side but the flavors were just great.


Their turkey breast was  real tender but a little flat in taste, which actually complements well with the turkey ham if in the same bite as the ham is a little on the savory side. Brussels sprouts are done pretty well too, without the bitterness.


To end off the meal, their coffee flavored ice cream was amazing! Intense aromatic coffee flavors from the creamy milky ice cream right at your face and leaving behind a trail of minty-ness.

Their Set Menu for 4 pax at $190+ is rather similar to the Set Menu for 2 pax except with some replacement and additions. The truffle Potato Croquette is replaced with Crab Croquette and there’s no Saveur Pasta and 4 pcs Hokkaido Scallops for the Set Menu for 4. Instead there’s the addition of Stuffed Squid, Beef En Croute, Foie Gras, Garlic Prawns and Burrata Tomato, a total of 9 dishes!


Crab croquette in contrast was rather crunchy, fresh and refreshing and you could taste shreds of crab!


Burrata Tomato with pesto! Never really goes wrong!


This stuff squid has a pretty unique texture. The squid was a little soft yet chewy but what was stuffed within was a little mysterious. It tasted somewhat like barley glutinous rice, with that extra punch of texture and chewiness.


Foie Gras on the other hand, felt like it’s a little overcooked, not the melty texture which i usually like.


Beef En Croute is rather flat in taste without the brown sauce, so do remember to have it with the brown sauce! But the pinkish beef is really tender. The pastry crust wasn’t too hard nor flaky which is not too bad but at the same time kind of lacking the baked aroma.


The last addition dish for the Set Menu for 4 is this bowl of Garlic Prawns, a little oily but the baguette was toasted well and goes well with the sauce. But overall, the dish is lacking the lemon and garlicky flavors.

Felt that the price is a little on the higher end, and probably another additions of 1-2 smaller plates will be good. Nonetheless, would recommend people to go for the Set Menu for 2 pax and add on other dishes from the main menu!

FrapasBar by Saveur – The Cathay
2 Handy Rd, #01-11/12 The Cathay, Singapore 229233

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