Good Time Eat Drink


Good Time Eat Drink is a new casual restaurant along Upper East Coast Road which serves local, asian, peranakan dishes with a fusion twist. The area is vibrantly colored and decorated with some vintage old posters. Furniture wise also uses the old wooden chairs and tables which all contributed and builds up the atmosphere as though you just stepped into the world of retro 70 or 80s.



Pandan Gula Melaka Milk Tea ($5.90). They have rather interesting choices for drink. Was contemplating between this and the lemongrass mocktail as i was hesitant with Gula Melaka. I always find the taste a little too strong and sweet. Fortunately, they are able to separate the Gula Melaka out for myself to decide how much i wanted. A very unique and different feeling, with a tint of gula melaka flavor and the faint aroma from the pandan leaves. As long as you don’t add too much gula melaka it’s not too sweet, but do also note that if you don’t add any, the drink will taste like teh c kosong.


Up next is none other than their food! Good Time Carbonara ($13.90) gives you a playful twist to the classic carbonara using mee pok as the noodle topped with bacon bits and mushroom slices. The pasta was creamy yet at the same time surprisingly light with its homemade alfredo sauce. Easy to wiped out the dish.


Fermented Beancurd Pork Belly ($12) was a dish done well on point. Deep fried to golden and not at all greasy but instead ADDICTIVE. It’s so good that even when you’re biting on a piece of fats, you probably can’t tell too.


Nonya Sambal Winged Bean with Pork Floss ($12) had an interesting texture and well blend of flavors with hint of spiciness from the sambal, sweetness from the pork floss and savoriness from the silver fish.


Last but not least, their Nonya Curry Chicken with Charcoal You Tiao ($12.90) was definitely one of their signatures. Comes with a big meaty thigh and generous portion of chunky potatoes. Even the curry gravy was flavorsome with lingering coconut fragrance which will go real well with a bowl of rice! You Tiao on the other hand lack a little airiness and crispness.

But overall, service was prompt and they serve quite a good fare of peranakan fusion dishes. Will probably want to be back to try their Grilled Sambal Fish!

Address: 889 E Coast Rd, Singapore 459092

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