Common Man Stan


It’s a rare gem to find a cafe in the CBD district opening on a Sunday! Which also explains why it can get really crowded during the brunch hours, filled with people streaming in after their yoga lessons in the vicinity or people who are out exploring and enjoying new brunch places or simply people who are needing to clear some work! A very chic and minimalist design, cement alike flooring before stepping into marble tiles and gold lining furnishing against the grey background. Simple yet classy.


Beside the usual brunch items, they do have a couple of unique dishes such as this Halloumi, Zucchini & Herbs Fritters ($19) below. The 2 piece fritters may look small but it’s really filling. The taste is a little on the stronger end, with some resemblance of indian flavors, intensified with herbs and spices. Pancake like texture with some crunchiness to it.


& what makes this cafe special too, is the serving of cocktails in the broad daylight! Decided to go for their Coffee Negroni ($15) – Gin, Campari and Cold brew coffee instead of the usual cuppa. It’s surprisingly decent, bringing out the bitterness of cold brew coffee with subtle gin flavor.


Prices are a little on the higher end ranging from $25-$27 mostly, but i guess partly due to their location and the uniqueness of the dishes too. They have pretty good service which makes you feel really welcoming and the quality of dishes are kind of notable. Guess that makes you feel a little better paying for the little steeper prices!

Address: 11-12 Stanley St, Singapore 068730

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