Dumpling Darlings


Relatively new restaurant by the guys behind Lola’s cafe creating unconventional dumplings with unique fillings. Less than 6 months old, it has already attracted a large crowd to it’s doorstep. Do make your reservation 5-7 days earlier if you want to reserve the dinner timing slots, otherwise, 1-2 days earlier will only entitle you to 9.30pm onward timing. If not, be adventurous, and take a queue number with up to 1-1.5hours waiting time! As you can see from below, the seating area is not very big to begin with and if it’s serving something real good, then everyone will definitely flock here for the real deal!



Complimentary refillable of pickled beansprouts! It’s rather appetite whetting and we are a bit too thick skinned to ask for another 2 plates to go with our cocktails!


Since they are known for their dumplings and we have queued so long for it, we have to give a try to all their dumpling flavors right! We went for their Dumpling Platter of 15 ($20) which consist of 3 portions of the 5 different flavors dumpling – Original, Veggie, Momo, Fried Pierogi and Smoked Duck. Then just add on the Spicy Sichuan at party of 5 for $7 to complete the whole dumpling tasting experience. Personal favorite from the platter is the Fried Pierogi, Original and the Smoked Duck. Fried Pierogi was very special, it’s made up of Smoked Bacon, Truffle Potato, Caramelised Onion, Cheddar and Sriracha Crema. It has the fusion of italian western flavors to it, a bite into it is a burst of cheesy creamy smooth potatoe puree-like mixture. Most importantly, unlike other fried dumplings skin which often or not is hard, the skin of this fried dumpling is actually crisp. The Smoked Duck dumplings was very refreshing with the accompany of balsamic vinaigrette. While The Original classic sums up why do you need to check out this place! The skin was skilfully thin yet wrapping all the filling well and firm within.

In addition to the Dumpling Platter, we ordered their Miso Mushroom Noodles ($5) and at an additional $1.50 to top it up with a hanjuku egg.  The handmade noodle was springy and loaded with sliced braised mushroom, miso tare and generous amount of sofrito, fried shallot, sesame and spring onion. It has a chinese japanese sweet asian flavor to it which in my opinion goes pretty well with the dumplings actually!

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Very welcoming and revitalizing concept; the prices are rather decent too. Service was commendable but the wait is really too long! Highly recommended for dumpling lovers nonetheless! Just make your reservation early.

Address: 44 Amoy St, Singapore 069870
11.30am – 3pm; 6 – 10.30pm (extended till 12mn on Fri)
Closed on Tuesday


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