Tsukada Nojo


Finally tried Tsukada Nojo at Plaza Singapura after few years they have been around in town yet one thing never changed is their queue waiting time. If  you reached after 5.30pm, minimum waiting time will be at least 30-45mins. So what’s this hype all about for these beauty in the pot or collagen hotpot? Believe to giving the skin a lift while tantalizing their taste buds but is it really useful and easily absorbed by our body? It’s protein after all, does it make a difference eating these collagen or protein from those of meat etc or are these purely marketing gimmicks? Food for thought!


Nonetheless, look at those collagen pieces above the nourishing chicken broth. I must agree, after the collagen completely melts into the chicken stock, it thickens the broth and added sweetness to it. All ready to tuck in once it starts to boil. Also, the fresh greens well complemented the soup broth and totally absorbed the essence of the collagen and chicken broth. This sets come at $25++ per pax and it serves 2!



So basically after the soup starts boiling, the waitress will take some out into a sake cup for us to taste the original flavor and portion the chicken before adding in all the vegetables into the broth.


We could select a noodle choice as part of the set. So we decided to go for the mochi mochi noodle. Rather chewy but can’t really differentiate the distinct unique characteristics it has compared to others though. But with the rich and flavorful broth, the taste couldn’t go that wrong, isn’t it!



Looking interesting, we decided to order 2 of its Nikumaki Onigiri – Yuzu Mayo and Cheese ($3.90 per piece) to try. It’s best eaten with the green lettuce as the onigiri was much more savory, filled with teriyaki flavor so the lettuce will balance out the intensity.


Wasn’t a big collagen fan in the first place, but the quality and taste of the food did not disappoint for the penny paid. But once again, it did get a little ge-lard for me by the end of the meal.

#03-81 Plaza Singapura 68 Orchard Road S(238839)

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