Unagiya Ichinoji


Following the landing of Man Man Unagi in our tiny red dot, was the opening of another eel restaurant, Unagiya Ichinoji, by Miyagawa Honten one of Tokyo’s most well known unagi restaurants with 125 years of history. This 34-seater restaurant will serve mainly 3 varieties of eel – Hitsumabushi, Seiro Mushi and Mamushi Donburi.


I’ve decided to go for the more traditional Hitsumabushi (M) ($26.80). The portion size was just nice for me. There are actually 3 ways we can go about enjoying this bowl of grilled unagi.


1. Eat it the Original Way.
Just scoop some rice and take a piece of unagi and enjoy the true real taste of unagi. I would say the unagi was pretty well marinated with their inhouse tare. It was a little sweet and  a little savory. However, i was expecting a little more crisp on the skin and edges.


2. Add nori, green onion, wasabi and pickles to the hokkaido rice and unagi.
I don’t take wasabi, so i have conveniently left that out. The addition of nori, green onions and pickles, gave it an extra umami and refreshing flavors in addition to a crunchy mouthfeel.


3. Addition of Dashi Stock


It is definitely not something you will be back craving for more simply cause the unagi was a little overcooked and missing the crispy elements. I guess this has justified for the not so long queue as anticipated. I got a table for 2 probably after 15 minutes waiting time? Well it’s something you can go for if you’re in that vicinity but you really don’t have to specially make a trip down for it.

01-05 Riverside View, Robertson Quay Singapore 238251

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