The Lazy Chop


Another different from your usual Zi Char stall – The Big Lazy Chop which is  also located in a pretty unique location, the Short Street, somewhere behind the Rocher Beancurd in the Dhoby Ghaut district. Not the usual super big area in a coffee shop neither a big restaurant but something more down to earth and with a homely feel.


So what set them apart from the typical zi char stall is that they do have a variety of dishes but yet most of their creations are unique to themselves and appeal to the masses. Another of their unique attraction point is them serving craft beers in a zi char place!  Do also look out for their set menu that is available once in awhile!


Fish Maw Soup ($20, small) – It’s thick and gooey yet not overly starchy filled with shredded crabmeat, mushroom, black fungus and more! Rather light and flavorful not the young hipster kind of thing, but rather something that will warm your parents’ stomach. Easily serve up to 5-6 small bowls.


Chinese Spinach with Trio Eggs ($9, small) – Done a little different from the rest of the chinese restaurants. It’s more of a soupy base rather than a stir-fry kind of thing. Definitely feel much healthier!


Big Lazy Chop – Signature XL Ribs (4pcs – $24) – Here comes the main star! Or rather, one of the main star! It’s otherwise known as the champagne butter XL ribs. I would say it’s well marinated and you could taste traces of its buttery champagne flavor with a tint of sweetness. The ribs was rather firm and I find it a little hard to chew on. It would be better if the meat was softer and more easily detachable from the bone.


Big Lazy Signature Curry Bee Hoon Combo ($30, medium) – This curry taste a little different from your usual thick coconut flavored milk. Instead it brings about a sweetness and a little kick of spiciness right to your palette! Am suspecting that it is using evaporated milk or some sort of other milk instead of coconut milk. I find it a pretty good alternative as it was additionally flavored with spices and curry leaves instead to keep the flavors of the dish intact. Not only that, the generosity of seafood in the fish was worth mentioning! Crayfish was fresh and succulent, and I wish there were more!

Pretty much satisfied with my food there! Staff were prompt, friendly and good with their recommendation! To put it simply, Big Lazy Chop dished out old chinese fares with a new taste.

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