Wen Wen Pork Rib Big Prawn Noodle


After all the hype of seafood pot X many different creative styles and variations, Wen Wen Big Prawn Noodle located in Old Airport Hawker should no longer be a stranger to us by now! One unique selling point from Wen Wen is that they allow customer to buy their own ingredients to add on into the broth! Ingenious creations right! But i guess, as time passes, seeing the kind of ingredients customers are bringing, they themselves have them in stall too which you can choose to add on such as enoki mushroom! That’s pretty good too! Convenient and save the hassle! & their 1 portion serving is reasonably big too!


After probably near 20-30minutes wait, our seafood hotpot is finally here! Bubbling hot with all the pork ribs, prawns, white cabbage, clams and crabs! And now i know why it has been a hit to the masses! Not only are the ingredients fresh and sweet, they were also plump and meaty. Don’t underestimate the size of crab you see in your pot, though small, but it is filled with firm meat! Prawns were de-shelled too leaving just the head and tail. Flavor of broth was well balanced too between the umami flavors from the seafood and fresh sweetness from the vegetables.


Given the variety and delightful taste of the hotpot, i find it worthwhile for every cents we paid. It may not be cheap cheap but at least reasonable for the quality and service. We probably paid about $28-30 per person including a bowl of noodles too. Prices vary depending on what you ordered or add on!

Wen Wen Pork Rib Big Prawn Mee
Blk 51 Old Airport Road, #01-147, Singapore 390051


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