Ding Dong


Ding Dong puts forth its Asian-inspired cuisine with a touch of playfulness and eclectic. Interior of restaurant is decorated with vibrant retro poster and vintage designed furniture, giving the customer a sense of chic and funky belonging.


Decided to drop by Ding Dong as they are on entertainer app, where they have 1-1 on their Bigger Plates, which makes it really worth while. Though portion is not too big, it is decently sufficient to warm your stomach with a bowl of rice that was included in the meal. Also, what makes them unique, is the well harmonized fusion of flavors which keeps you enticed and surprised at every mouth.


Decide to tried the following 2 dishes. Pork Collar Char Siew, Pineapple Salsa, Chicharon ($26). Char siew was well flavored and cooked to perfection. Amazingly tender and well marinated, with a refreshing light lemony alike taste accompanying sauce.


Red Snapper. Green Curry. Clams ($26). Red snapper was perfectly pan-fried with its flesh being fresh, warm, sweet and soft and its golden yellow skin is crispy to every edge. Clams were plump and sweet; green curry base was mellow, sweet yet bringing a tinge of spiciness. Great place for a good night out to enjoy some asian fusion mid-way fine dining!

Despite us reaching the place near their mid day closing hour, service was still welcoming and friendly. Neither did they rush us to finish our meal nor was the food served in a hastily manner. Highly recommended!

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