The Laneway Market


Nestled in an alley along the Tanjong Katong stretch, housed the 2 years old cafe with a beautiful garden market themed ambiance. Cozy and laid back environment to enjoy a cuppa and some brunch food.



Green Tea Latte ($6) – A little powdery and on the sweeter side.


Pulled Pork Burger ($20)

12hrs infused with beer pulled pork was moist, juicy and though looked simple but has captured the essence of sweet beer flavors. It’s one of the beer infused mentioned dishes that you could really taste the beer! Don’t underestimate it by its miniature serving because it is definitely addictively good!


Beef with Truffle mashed potatoes ($24)

The alluring pink beef slices were done to perfect tenderness and the smooth puréed mashed potatoes was perfumed with truffle scent.


Dashi Mushroom Risotto ($20)

Arbrio rice well infused with the dashi stock topped with the deep fried earthy mushroom had all the flavors on the right note. With the sous vide egg stirred into the risotto gave the dish an additional smoothness and creaminess.

All the food were simple with no exaggerated plating yet it has delicately brings out the unique flavor and characteristics of each and every dish. Downside to the cafe was that the waiting time were a little way too long and orders weren’t managed well. Other than that, it’s definitely worth your trip down!

Recommended 🙂

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