Travelogue: Kaoshiung

I believe that most of our impression of Kaoshiung will be “What’s there to do at Kaoshiung? Isn’t it just all temples?” That’s quite a wrong misconception! If you never make the effort to explore the country, you can never uncover the hidden gems! So you may asked, how many days should I spend in Kaohiung then? Well, 4D3N will be pretty sufficient! Lets say if you do not wish to waste your air tickets, prefer to stay there longer, have a longer holidays, no worries at all too! You can make a day trip to both Kenting and Tainan, that will stretch your holiday to 6D5N!

1. Dragon & Tiger; Spring and Autumn Pagoda


What’s going to Taiwan, in the absence of a Chinese cultural element right? Love the rustic attraction with a beautiful lotus lake view.


Just opposite the Dragon and Tiger; Spring and Autumn Pagoda, round the corner, spot this bakery selling cream puff! The warm puff is soft and filled with light flavored cream that was actually kept and served cold. Definitely an awesome combination!

2. Former British Consulate at Takao


It is one of the oldest western style of mansion building in Kaoshiung which not only give you some background history of what was going on in the British Consulate but also amazing panoramic view of Kaoshiung shoreline.

3. Banana Wharf


A very interesting name to begin with. Why banana wharf? It was actually a warehouse previously used to store bananas for Taiwan’s exports and you will be surprised how much revenue and profit this trade has brought about! It is a pretty good pit stop to check out the mini exhibition about this banana trade as it was just around the corner from Pier 2 Art Center.

4. Pier 2 Art Center


Along the way to Pier 2 Art Center, you will first pass by what seems abandoned railway grassland, filled with interesting and creative art pieces scattered, making it a perfect spot for some photos taking. Instead of going to the Taokao Railway Museum, you may wish to go for the Railway museum inside Hansam Pier 2 Line which is located just beside the grassland. Though entrance fee is payable, but the exhibitions seem to be more worthwhile a visit compared to the former. As you continue your journey to the actual Pier 2 Art Centre, you will be welcomed by the vibrant, gutsy and artsy graffiti plastered across the walls. Not only that, if you are there on a weekend, you can check out the flea market which sells customized items mostly made by the locals.


5. Cijin Island


If you have a day or half to spare, you should not miss making a trip down to Cijin Island. It is easily accessible by ferry via Gushan Terminal and the ferry frequency is rather fast. One of the key attractions not to be missed is definitely this Cai Hong Jiao Tang. Vibrantly colored architect against the clear blue sea, it is just so therapeutic.

6. Shopping District – XinJueJiang


Besides the Anning Wholesales Clothes Center, XinJueJiang is another of the shopping heaven you can find in Kaoshiung. Filled with hip and trendy clothing at reasonable prices. Of course, you can’t expect cheap wholesale prices. While shopping, do try the fried chicken you see along the streets! Namely 2 stalls – Angel Fried Chicken and Monga Fried Chicken. They are way better than your Hot Star Large Fried Chicken. The skin is crispy and their batter are not too thick, encapsulating the thick and tender juicy meat. It is way too finger licking good!


7. Gang Yuan Beef Noodles


One of the best beef noodles I have ever tried before! The thick noodles is springy and chewy with generous amount of tender odorless thick beef slices. Choice of either in broth brewed for long hours or have it dry with flavorsome sauce and seasoning.

8. Night Markets – Liuhe / Ruifeng


Needless me to say more, visiting Taiwan but not visiting any of their Night Market is equivalent to not been to Taiwan. It is a one stop place which houses delicious local snacks and once in a while pit stop for shopping loots.

10. Dream Mall – Foodcourt


If you happen to be in Dream Mall and unsure of what to have, you can explore their food court! I realized some of the food courts in Taiwan serve out pretty decent food at cheap prices! This German Trotters is a must try!

Accommodation – Cloud Hotel


Highly recommended accommodation for your stay! Cloud hotel is conveniently located behind the Liuhe Night Market and just about 8mins walk to Formosa Boulvard interchange station which instantly connects you to everywhere. The room is big, clean and spacious and it comes with simple breakfast ‘buffet’. We really had a comfortable and pleasant stay with Cloud Hotel.

Till then! Feel free to check with us if you need more tips in Kaoshiung!

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