Entrance to the cafe is well tucked in between walls with beautiful graffiti. One can easily missed it if you’re not observant. It has one small cozy interior dining and another al fresco style and snug exterior dining.


Menu of the cafe.


Breakfast Platter ($23) – Well, it’s a generous plate filled with eggs, sausages and greens! The serving is really huge, but what make the breakfast platter from Botanist different from other cafes is the well balanced flavors of the dish. It’s not overly savory, but complemented well with more light tasting accompaniments such as the sweet corn, crunchy lettuce and juicy grilled tomatoes. Not too sure if you have the same problem with me, usually the breakfast platters are overwhelmingly huge and I will have the problem finishing it off as it get too gelard, but I do not have this issue with Botanist! 😀 Kudos for that!


Guac Smash ($18) – Another refreshing item will be none other than this. With avocado and poached egg as the limelight of the dish, it makes this dish a healthier alternative. Light hearted dish with a taste of creaminess.

All in all, a high recommended brunch cafe!

74 Neil Road, Singapore 088839

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