When people say “Eating is a necessity but cooking is an Art”, how true and apt it is for the Kite Restaurant.


Walking into a minimalist designed place, brings you nothing but an aura of mystery and anticipation.


Their lunch/ lunch set menu are very concise with each dish hitting right on your taste buds. I would described it as “Birth of exquisite dishes with the use of most ordinary ingredients but done it in the most elegant way”. The staff are very thoughtful. In a sense that, the timing of food served meets your dining pace, giving you plenty of moments to savor every mouthful of the dish.



Every order comes with complimentary bread. Their bread are pretty unique. Coconut sesame bread with shallot butter.Hint of coconut taste from the bread paired with smooth creamy butter with a dash of fried shallot aroma. Superb pairing between the two.


As usual, being the greedy me who would definitely choose to try a little of everything, decided to go for their lunch set menu. For $30+, I am able to choose any 3 dishes (Mains / Desserts). I decided to go for their Somen, Salmon Trout and Yuzu Curd. What attracts me the most for Somen, is none other than its fusion characteristics, of chinese asian (ie noodle), with some japanese flavors and a tinge of italian style (it’s presentation and cooking style). Taste wise, beside it being a little oily, it has a rather unique flavor from the lap cheong oil.


But my favorite between the 2 mains ordered will definitely be this Salmon Trout! The salmon was cooked to perfection where it was not thoroughly cooked but revealing its translucent meat. Well seasoned with herbs and spices as well. Another amazing thing about the dish is the accompanying seaweed and apple salad filled with crunch and sweetness. Am totally in love with the texture of salmon and flavor of the overall dish.


What more can i ask for to end my meal with another praise-worthy dessert? The sourness of the yuzu curd will make you quiver a little, but in the pleasant way! If you find it too harsh, just eat it with the wolfberries, milk soy and lime yoghurt, the sweetness of these will neutralize the sourness from the yuzu curd. But the refreshing sourness of this dessert has certainly end my meal leaving my stomach all satisfied!

53 Craig Road #01-01
Singapore 089691

Highly Recommended!

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