Cafe: Craftsmen Specialty Coffee

Serving you with their generous brunch portions and quirky creations amidst all time favorites choices. Most importantly, do not miss out on their coffee blends. Intricately blended coffee bringing out the real earthy, bittersweet flavor and aroma distinct to each of their freshly brewed cups.


Kimchi Flatbread – Attempt of fusion with korean flavors but a little lacklustre of the unique kimchi taste. But am loving the bits of pomegranate petal that decorates the plate.


Moroccan Chicken – Mild spicy chicken well marinated with herbs and spices accompanied with sun-dried tomatoes with some resemblance to cured red dates well-sitted on the thick toast top with bursty poached eggs. A taste different from the usual brunch menu.


Craftsmen Full Breakfast – Highlight of the dish was none other than the wide varieties of ingredients that encompasses a hearty breakfast. I like how the ham bacon replaces the usual bacon which was usually a tad more oily. The scrambled eggs were on the dry side though. Other than that, it is a real true fulfilling breakfast that fuels your day. Personally felt that it will be better for sharing between two!

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